Biking is no longer just a sport. It is an essential part of life, and everyone trying to make a change in their lives should switch from driving a car to riding a bike. The benefits from this change will be enormous, and downsides – you might say there are none.

To make the change, you need to find the perfect bicycle. You shouldn’t think that anyone will do it. There are so many options on the market that you must learn everything about biking and bikes.

When you open the internet to find more information, you’ll come across thousands of pages explaining how to pick one. They all focus on various things, but none of them will tell you about the essentials. It’s not crucial to have it perfectly painted or have a carrier in the back. The essentials make the bike, and they can never be overlooked. If you want to know the crucial points for choosing a perfect bicycle, read on and see.

1. Know what size you are

From children’s models to oversized tires – there’s everything for everyone out there. You need to be sure what size you are and what kind of bike you’re looking for. The best way to determine this is to go to the nearest bike shop and try a few different sizes by yourself.

Bikes sizes differ in a few segments – frame, tires, saddle, pedal position, and handlebar height. All these can be customized and changed after purchasing the bicycle, except the frame. That means you need to pick the one that will be perfect for you.

In most cases, the size of the frame is determined by the biker, but there’s no strict rule to tell you what you must get. It’s best to see what works best for you and what frame size will make you the most comfortable.

2. Invest in a top-notch braking system

Top speeds require a top braking system because great power comes with great responsibility. Ask the seller for the bike’s features and see how some parts are made. All manufacturers will highlight their braking and gearing systems because they are vital.

Make sure the braking system is modern and shows excellent performance. Read some reviews about the options you’re thinking about, and never choose an unknown brand in the biking world. This is often the difference between staying safe on the road and being seriously hurt.

3. Always pick a trusted brand when gearing is in question

As far as the braking system is important, so is the gearing. You probably already know that all modern bikes have more than one gear. The gearing system is complex and should never fail you. A broken gearing while riding may cause a severe malfunction and leave you on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

Not too many manufacturers are notable in the production of the gearing system. If you need to choose a manufacturer, be sure that you’ll never go wrong if you pick Shimano Australia because Shimano has been a top gearing manufacturer in the biking world for decades.

4. Lightweight bikes are better

If you live in an apartment building, you’ll need to carry the bike from the street to your apartment every time you go on an adventure. That means you want your bike to be as lightweight as possible.

To ensure it’s lightweight, you need to pick the right frame material. Although bikes used to be made of steel in the past, most frames are now made of aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. Aluminum is the most affordable providing excellent results, but the most lightweight ones are made of titanium and carbon fiber.

5. Suspension plays a major role in outdoor biking

Most people buy city bikes. They use them to get from home to work, but others want off-road bikes for mountain biking, exhibitions, and other fun activities. Depending on this general distinction, you need to focus on suspension and choose the right one for your needs.

If you’re going off-road, you’ll want a suspension fork that will keep you safe from obstacles on the road. On the other hand, if you’re planning to ride your bike on a flat surface, like a bike track without obstacles, it’s best to go with a rigid fork that will give you the best experience.


If you’re thinking about getting a new bike, these are some of the things you must focus on and thoroughly research before going further with the purchase. Only amateurs who will quit using their bikes after a few weeks pick bikes without researching.

Go through the points above and inspect the sheet with features for the bikes you’re interested in. Never settle for poor braking and gearing systems, and make sure you get an ideal frame for your size. These features will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.