Congratulations on becoming a store owner! However, lately, you have been noticing inventory not matching with the sales figure. You may be facing a security threat that can be eliminated using the following techniques. The controls are surprisingly helpful during the coming holiday season as well.

  1. Adopt movement planning

Massive foot traffic is a sign your retail store is succeeding. However, crowd management is essential to keep the situation under control. Planning for crowds requires a visual aid. Therefore, begin by mapping out a direction for the crowd to walk. If your retail store has two entrances, use one for welcoming guests and the second entrance as an exit.

Consider the store’s maximum capacity to ensure you do not exceed the fire limit. You can also limit the time each customer spends in the store to curb crowd control. Furthermore, you can also create a contingency plan for what-if situations for better security.

  1. Employ anti-theft devices

You cannot observe every customer closely. It’s not humanely possible! Therefore, we suggest investing in anti-theft devices. These are minute digital devices that alarm the shop staff when someone attempts to shoplift or undertake crimes inside the store.

These devices will help protect the store from seasonal employees too. Retail stores hire new employees during the holidays and vacations rush seasons. Since they are temporary employees, it can be difficult to trust them. The anti-theft devices will keep a close eye on the new cashier or the salesperson you just hired. Consider it an out-of-normal security control that is necessary.

  1. Update security equipment

The retail store consists of point of sales, payment terminals, and scanners. It also includes loss preventions tools that must be up to date for them to work correctly. The hardware in this technology requires maintenance and upgradation. If your technology is outdated, it will lag in processing payments and identifying security threats.

The newer version of equipment or software will contain more advanced features to keep the store secure. Therefore, when a pop-up appears to update or install a new plug-in, confirm with a “Yes” so your system is protected against hacking and internal breaches. Otherwise, your shop is closed for the next few days. Visit here for know more –

  1. Observe equipment closely

Regularly monitor your point of sale equipment, credit card insertion points, and PIN entry points for any tempering attempts. If you see a broken seal, a flap that has been left unclosed, dents, or additional labels, immediately contact the security provider to replace the machinery and equipment.

Another alarming sign is newer devices being inserted into the shop’s USB or computer port. If you see something out of routine practice, immediately confiscate the device and disconnect it from the shop computers. You may have just saved the entire selling manual by doing so.

  1. Motivate the employees

Keeping the employees happy is more crucial to maintaining internal security than you think! When employees feel they are not being paid enough, they are likely to take matters into their own hands. Unmotivated or underpaid employees will compensate themselves by shoplifting with an unjustified attitude.

Even though the temper may be temporary, its effect on the store will be permanent. The employees can instigate the situation by going on a strike, resulting in negative publicity. Therefore, provide the employees with proper training and skills to justify their pay grade so they may work harder for better rewards.

Run a safe retail store

No one said running a store is so easy! However, with proper security controls set in place, the shop can succeed with visible growth. You may also outsource security concerns to a specialist firm to eliminate lax security if your store can afford it.

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