Did you know that more than 131 billion packages are shipped every year? With so many packages going out, errors with packaging designs are a bigger problem than many think. How can you counter these issues when coming up with product packaging ideas?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your packaging design, we’re here to help. Read on for some of the most common mistakes in design for you to avoid.

1. Poor Communication

One of the biggest mistakes that a design company makes is poorly communicating what’s inside the package. Packaging for large products frequently breaks this rule.

You should design your packages with easy-to-read labels. Making customers guess what’s inside of a package is poor design.

Consider using graphics or large labels that boldly say what’s inside the package. Doing so will help make your packages easier to understand.

2. Difficult to Open

Many of us have dealt with the issue of packages being difficult to open. Eco-friendly packaging sometimes comes in a clamshell form that requires tools like scissors to open, for example.

These packages are frustrating and leave many customers unhappy with the product. Some may not be able to open their package without the correct tools.

3. Incorrect Packaging

Have you received a package that wasn’t labeled correctly? Some customers receive packages with labels that read the wrong product. Others may receive the wrong product entirely!

When this happens, it’s a complete failure of package design. Your packages should always have the correct labels and contents.

Of course, even the best package can have the wrong product from packaging mistakes. Do your best to make packaging that clearly declares what’s inside. Doing so can help cut down on packaging mistakes.

4. Wasting Materials

Many customers receive packages that are a huge waste of materials. Packaging a small product in a medium or large package is wasteful and frustrating to customers. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it also generates waste that customers will have to deal with.

Packaging design software can help you to cut down on wasted materials. You can also contact a packaging design agency to help put a plan in place to reduce material use.

5. Too Much, Too Little

Tying into wasting materials, it’s important to have the right amount in any situation. Having too much can generate waste and bother the customer. But having too little can cause damage to a package!

Look into your product packaging budget to ensure you have enough to safely transport packages. Design your packages with transit and safety in mind so the contents aren’t damaged.

Avoiding Errors With Packaging Designs

Errors with packaging designs can cause a great product to fall flat. Make sure you create package designs that clearly communicate the contents while safely transporting them. It’s also crucial to keep the environment and high waste generation in mind while designing.

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