Every state has employment laws to ensure the employees are getting their rights. Every individual deserves to be treated without any discrimination at the workplace, irrespective of their color, caste, or creed. In addition, the workplace should be a safe place where employees can focus on their career development and polish their skills. 

In any situation that goes against the employment law, an employee has a right to fight for his employment rights. For instance, if you’re residing in Toronto and face any workplace discrimination, you can seek professional help from a Toronto employment lawyer to help you fight for your rights and ask for maximum compensation. But before you do that you must know your workplace rights so you can know what to fight for. 

1. Written  Employment Agreement 

An employment agreement is a legally binding document. It states the ‘ terms and conditions of your employment. It’s good to sit and discuss the rights and obligations of you and your employer before you take the job. The employment agreement is meant to give protection and ensure the security rights of both parties. You can also take professional help by hiring an employment lawyer to help you with the conditions of the agreement. In addition, he’ll also guide you thoroughly about your rights and obligations to avoid any confusion.  

2. Fair Treatment 

It is the right of the employees to get fair treatment in all circumstances. Be it hiring or giving promotions, everything should be merit-based and not based on superficial factors such as religion, gender, disability, immigrant status, etc. For instance, hiring and promotions should solely be based on the merit and skills of the person and not anything else. 

3. Unpaid Leaves And Job Safety

Employees have to work for a certain time at a workplace before they can reap the benefits. According to labor laws, an employee must work for a year or at least 1250 hours to become eligible for employment benefits. Once you become eligible, you can have unpaid leaves up to 12 weeks with job protection for important situations like childbirth, being sick, etc. 

4. Safe Workplace Environment 

The employer is bound to provide a secure work environment to his employees at any cost. If you experience any safety hazards that can pose a serious threat to your health, you can file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) to bring such a situation to the attention of the authorities. Having a safe workplace to work in is an employee’s legal right by all means. 

5. Equal Pay For Equal Work/ Pay Equality

Employers are not bound to pay all the employees the same pay. Payscale is according to their experience, skills, seniority, etc. However, if a woman and a man are hired for the same designation with the same experience, and they get different pay in the same organization, then this is a violation of employment law. Therefore, equal pay is the right of every employee who is working with the same experience and skills for the same designation. 

6. Sexual Harassment Is Illegal

Sexual harassment at the workplace is illegal and a violation of employment laws. No worker is bound to involve herself/himself in sexual favors from fear of termination or not getting a promotion. In addition, inappropriate touch or comments that can lead to a hostile environment is also considered in the spectrum of sexual harassment. Facing any such situation gives you the right to legally fight for employment rights.