A great beach camping trip undoubtedly provides a wealth of memories. But nothing can ruin a perfect coastal camping trip than getting excessive sun and appearing like a lobster the next day. Meanwhile, sunburn is not only uncomfortable; it also comes with various long term health risks. But there’s a simple way to prevent yourself from getting overexposed to the sun, and it’s a beach tent that you can use as a cap or shelter. 

A good beach shelter developed with an instant fibreglass frame can be easily set up by anyone. Moreover, it also includes a PE floor for durability, and you can also roll its window panels to adjust the sunlight and airflow. 

Presently, there are many kinds of tents in the market. And different shelters provide different protection levels. So, here are some most common and popular types of tents that you can explore:

  1. Pop-Up Beach Tent

This type of beach tent has poles that are all connected, and it gives you the advantage of not assembling them and taking them apart when you break down or pitch your tent. This type of beach tent is so developed that it collapses when you twist it in a specific manner, and it is easy to pack away in its particular bag. Setting it up is also simple, since all you require is to untwist the tent, and it will pop up and pitch itself.

  1. Conventional Pole Beach Tent

This type of tent utilises several poles and stakes that function as anchors to secure the tent to the surface, and it gives the benefit of greater stability than other types of tents. It stands up firmly against extreme weather, while it has corded poles that should be assembled properly to be structured correctly. Meanwhile, some traditional tents come with removable walls for regulating airflow.

  1. Umbrella Tents

Beach umbrella tents are a combination of tents and beach umbrellas, and they provide a considerable amount of shade. Although, you should look for an umbrella beach shelter that provides UPF 50+ sun protection. Such a beach umbrella also has a carry bag, and moreover, you can tilt its poles in different directions to block away the sun from any point. This type of shelter is easy to use, and you can transport it effortlessly from one place to another. 

  1. Canopy Beach Tents

It’s a basic shelter and features open sides. You can also find some of them with a wall that you can attach if the need arises. Canopy beach tents can accommodate more people than conventional tents. And they also have a higher ceiling, allowing people to easily stand up and move. Canopies also impart good ventilation, while in fact, many people purchase them because of ventilation purposes. 

  1. Hybrid Beach Tent

These types of tents look identical to a conventional pole tent, and they offer the advantages of a pop-up tent. Meanwhile, hybrid beach tents contain retractable poles; these poles are linked to a string. And to pitch this tent, you are just required to pull the string, and the tent pops up on its own. 

So, if you’re planning to camp at a windy place, your tent needs to be stable enough to bear the windy weather. On the other hand, if you desire to venture into a rainy area, the tent must be waterproof. Besides, always purchase a tent that you can easily set up, while the tent should also be lightweight and portable. Hence, explore the different types of shelters explained above and find one which suits your needs the best.