Today, water pumps have become an important tool many people use to control outdoor and home water flow systems. But before acquiring a water pumping tool, it is vital to think about some essential factors that will help you acquire a tool that fits your budget. This article looks at the different determinants of water pump prices in Kenya.

Water pumps have become an essential part of all aspects of our lives, including hospitals, homes, and businesses. Its use is expected to increase by approximately 6% annually, mainly because of industrialization.  Early pumps developed by Denis Papin consisted of conventional strips used mainly for domestic drainage.  However, modern tools use a motor and a series of mechanisms that enable water to pass through a pipeline to generate enough pressure for its intended use.

How fast does it pumps water

Most water pumps are rated by their discharge capacity, meaning how efficient liquid passes through them. A pump with a larger DC will release a lot of water quickly. Such tools are more expensive than their counterparts with low discharge capabilities. A consumer must be aware of this before purchasing the product.

Distance from water source to pump

Another important factor influencing water pump prices in Kenya is a vertical suction lift. In this case, if you’re purchasing the tool for draining a pool, for example, it would be beneficial to understand if the distance is adequate to allow water to be discharged effectively. This understanding will assist you in making a sound decision in buying the tool.

The Head lift

In addition to the suction lift, you need to be aware of the head lift because it reveals what the height of the tool is in respect to the discharge area. From this, you will estimate how powerful the equipment is and how far it can push the liquid to the required job. This process significantly impacts the price of the unit.

The type of tool chosen.

There is a variety of water pumps available today and used in different applications according to user preferences. The most common ones include submersible and water-boosting tools. The latter types of pumps enhance water pressure to preferred levels.Both these pumps are available in the country with different price tags. 

Inlet pipe dimensions 

Water intake depends largely on the inlet tube of the equipment. Most tools have between one to six-inch in size. If an inlet is tiny, it can’t pull sufficient liquid compared to a large inlet. A bigger inlet will ultimately do the job effectively.

If you are planning to get a water pump, make sure you follow the above guidelines to get the most appropriate one for your needs. You will get the most suitable product for your needs by doing so. Similarly, water pumps consume a lot of energy. Because of this, it is crucial to select the right pump based on one’s needs while also being conscious of water usage. Generally, consumers should conduct adequate analysis before purchasing any electrical item.