A man is only as good as the card holder he keeps. Card holders are a long lost and much needed connection between old school bi-fold wallets and money clips. They do not fold open like others and have a separate space designed for placing many cards and cash amounts. Every-time you pull your card holder out of your pocket, its look, and style is going to decide the impressions you will cast on nearby people. Such holders are available at various online stores like equalitywallets.com that contain protective card holders at a very reasonable price. There are different things that you need to keep in mind while buying one like storage, your demand and choice, comfort, quality, durability, weight and of course style. If you are a new user or do not have much of nice choices in this field then you can choose from our recommendations and our top recommendation is the use of Milano promo code offered by coupon.ae while making a purchase. This list of our picks will make you feel more handsome.

Trayvax Metal Element Card Wallet:

It features tanned leather look with top gain-oils and a hard & rough plate of stainless steel. It has a combined vibe of vintage, classy and modern all together. It has built in money clip, RFID security, bottle opener and an attachment point. It might be little uncomfortable in first few uses but further use will give you necessary confidence.

Flat Micro Slim Leather Wallet:

A slim design that is not only stylish but can keep your credit and cash safely in place. It features an extra front pocket and external slots to carry 4 different options to keep your cards. The goal is to have an easy and quick access to your cards in the time of need. This minimalist design is more demandable due to its leather finish.

Bellory Sleeves Slims Card Holder:

This one is as comfortable as you can hope for one to be. It has easy slip in and out design. This functional card holder is unisex so your partner will love to twin and for such cases we would like to make you remember that coupon.ae is offering Milano promo code for you to save a decent amount of money.

Dango Tactical T01 EDC Wallet:

For a person who works outdoor and can’t bear any kind of negligence in clean look of accessories, this is best purchase. This is really easy to clean and has a proper elegant shine. It is designed to handle 14+ functions and is roomy enough to keep all your valuables in place. It also provides RFID security against electronic pickpockets.

Aluminium Ridge Card Holder Wallet:

This convenient and authentic pick is designed while keeping functionality on top. It has high quality metal and durable accessories included. This minimalist aluminum design will stay lifetime and has integrated separate clips to keep bills. For wise purchase you can place an order ASAP by using Milano promo code offered by coupon.ae.