In case you are thinking globally about your investments this year, it is a good idea. The best place to invest for 2022 might not be the country where you are living at the moment. The best-performing stocks and real estate investments in the present times may be on the other side of the world. A lot of countries in East Asia such as China and Japan are likely to stay closed to tourists for an unspecified time. Everybody is aware that if you cannot visit a country as a foreigner, it is tough to invest in it. So, the best countries to invest in have to be those that can be visited in 2022. There are other factors to consider such as the history of recession avoidance and demographic trends as well.

1. Vietnam: Vietnam has been successful in avoiding all the recessions in the past 30 years. Just a handful of countries across the world have managed to accomplish the feat. Right from the Asian financial crisis in 1997 until the ongoing one in 2020 Vietnam has been successful in maintaining a positive GDP growth right through. The manufacturing sector of the country is one of the top contributors to the powerful economy of Vietnam. Many foreign manufacturers operating in China and looking to relocate to another place. Vietnam is usually the top alternative as there are lower raw material costs and lower electricity costs here. In the past few decades, their stocks, property prices, and private equity have all outperformed many other countries.

2. Hong Kong: This is one of the premier capitalist countries in the world, popular for its free trade agreements and lower taxes. After the place gathered independence to become a sovereign country in 1997, it succeeded in attracting many investors from across the globe. It is a consistent leader in the world in the Index of economic freedom. Hong Kong has a resilient economy and has been successful in weathering many setbacks such as the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the global economic turndown in 2008. Opening a company in Hong Kong is simple as it can look after all your financial needs. Business banks in Hong Kong ensure this effectively.

3. Singapore: Singapore was a small trading post but, it grew up to become possibly Asia’s most significant financial center within a space of a few decades. The country ranks among some of the wealthiest ones in the world. One of every six households in the country is a millionaire. Singapore is a city-state and yet it has the biggest number of family office assets with VC funds in Asia. It also handles a larger number of forex trading than any competing financial centers such as Hong Kong and Tokyo. Property and stocks in Singapore are considered to be safe heaven by many global investors. Singapore was one of the first Asian countries last year to allow tourists to enter without having to face a quarantine period.

4. Australia: Australia has continuously been employing the right stance for having one of the greatest rates of prosperity in the world. The country has been successful in providing a terrific standard of living to its residents and has a bright economy to boost. They offer good living conditions to the locals as well as the ex-pats. In brief, these foreigners looking to invest in Australia have the potential to enjoy both good returns on their investment and also better chances of growth. 

5. United Arab Emirates: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the tax-friendly countries and is a terrific place for foreign investment in the property market. Because of its greater rental yield, Dubai enjoys a great reputation among most of the emirates. Apart from this, the property prices on offer here per square foot are extremely affordable compared to other cities of similar stature across the world. It is one of the richest places you can think of visiting to make investments and do business.


You may have noticed that there are a few similarities in the countries on this list. The best countries to invest in 2022 possess good demographic trends. There is a rise in the middle-class population which is good for long-term economic prospects.