There is no doubt in the fact that WordPress push notifications are gaining popularity in the marketing solar system. Due to its high conversion rates and improvement in the website traffic rate, businesses are drooling over the advantages of using push notifications for their app and website.

As it is rightly said great advantages bring along greater responsibility. If you are not careful with 

WooCommerce push notifications can end up losing customers in the process. On that note let’s discuss some common loopholes missed by the companies that cause them problems.

Avoid them or pay for them!

We are going to discuss the mistakes concerning designing and delivering push notifications during the last few years. Keep reading ahead to neglect these mistakes before they get to you.

  • There is a limit to everything! 

Imagine yourself in the place of your customer. Now how would you react to that? Irritated, of course! Well, the same goes for your users. Always remember quality is never decided by its quantity. It is better to send lesser notifications to attain customers’ attention rather than persuading them to opt out of your push notifications.

A survey from SmartInsights noted that the business must not send more than one push notification per day that means the quantity of delivering push notifications should not exceed more than five times a week, carefully analyzing users’ actions and responses to your pop-up messages.

In addition to that, a statistical report proved that Mondays and Tuesdays are considered auspicious days in a week to send push notifications and eventually increase the visits and clicks rates on your website.

  • Disrespecting time can cause you a lot!

Businesses need to understand that if they are dealing with customers worldwide they must consider the different time zones. When they fail to do so, they give users another reason to opt out from the push notification services completely.

It is essential to respect the different time zones in which your users are living. One of the suitable options is to send push notifications during lunchtime when people tend to scroll their feeds using their smartphones. Do not underestimate the time zones otherwise unsubscribing is just a click away.

  • Why so boring?

When you don’t give your users what they want, you don’t get from them what you want. Personalized messages have worked like a charm and will continue to do so for the companies.

Such customized messages are hard to ignore as they contain content of the user’s interest. So take some time to record your user’s behavior on your website and then sum up their common interests to send them influencing pop-up messages.

  • Shooting arrows without an aim

One common mistake that business applications make is targeting the wrong customers all this time. When you don’t spend some time knowing your users and whether they are even interested in your services can be a real deal-breaker. You will end up spending time, effort, and money and miss out on genuine potential customers in the process.

To avoid such a situation you need to note previous actions of your users on the website, or app, previous purchases, geographical locations, and their choices.

Keeping this in mind, you need to target different groups of audiences and get more views, clicks, and purchases rather than blindly sending one message to all.

  • Not keeping up with the trend!

Do not remain in the confusion that your work ends when you send push notifications to the users. You need to continuously work on your content and design the push notification strategy accordingly. Not evaluating and optimizing properly and using new strategies to impress your customers can backfire on you as such changes might not be liked by the users. So keep a look at customers’ activity and reactions. Do your homework and then submit it!

How to make them work!

Using push notifications for your advantage is no rocket science. Let’s discuss how you can make push notifications a success.

1.      Personalization: When you customize push notifications for your users, you make them feel special and give them what they desire. For instance, your user is waiting for that limited sale and receives a “discount offers” push notification that brightens their eyes when they see it. Such happiness keeps your user engaged on your app or website.

2.      Timing: As we discussed above in the article, do not poke your customers at night when they are lost in their sweet dreams. Instead of being a nightmare in their sleep, be the happy reality to their wish-listed items. Consider different time zones of the customers and message them during their afternoon meal when their eyes will be looking for certain offers.

3.      Creativity:  Be creative in your push notifications as you communicate with your customers with these pop-up messages. You can use emojis to say your emotions, or start with something eye-catching like “last piece in the stock”, “discount for one hour”, and something like this.

The bottom-line is…

To sum up, it is no harm in saying that WordPress push notifications can be your lighting angels in the dark. They can create a huge impact on the users if they follow the designated protocol. But at the same time, they can fall from a cliff if they do not consider users’ time and interests.

Users will come to your website if they get value from such WooCommerce push notifications. Push notifications were designed to bring users to the website, improve user engagement, and convert users to customers. They can become your messenger and retain customers for your business.

So use them wisely and enjoy the profits from this remarkable marketing tool i.e. push notifications.

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