Batman is a superhero loved by the masses across the world. Fictional though he may be, the ideals he stands for against the odds are an inspiration for the rest of us. Batman makes use of many gadgets as part of his crime-fighting adventures…one of the most famous of them is undoubtedly the Batmobile. A custom-made car, the Batmobile is high on style and technology. Yet, it does undergo a lot of wear and tear as our favoruite superhero battles the villains.

In his daytime avatar as business magnate Bruce Wayne, Batman would surely consider insuring his ride to protect his finances. He might even pick up a couple of add-ons to supplement his policy. Wondering what they might be? Let’s take a look at 5 add-ons that Batman would require which would most certainly benefit you too.

  1. Consumables cover

It is important to remember that the total expense on consumables like nuts and bolts can run up a large cost. So, be smart and opt in for consumables cover when you select add-ons in your car insurance plan. This add-on also includes oil so, you do save up on that cost too.

  • Roadside assistance

Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere can truly prove to be a nightmare. Therefore, when choosing add-ons make sure to opt in for this rider. Roadside assistance generally includes towing your vehicle as well as arranging taxi transport for you. This add-on is a must-have if you find yourself commuting long distances frequently.

  • Zero depreciation

The parts of your car made of plastic, rubber and nylon too undergo wear and tear. Their value depreciates as your car ages. Under a standard comprehensive car insurance plan, the policyholder pays a portion of the costs for these car parts while the remainder is borne by the insurance company. If you opt in for the zero-depreciation add-on, the insurance company bears 100% of the cost of these parts. Now tyres and tubes can be quite costly so, zero deprecation can actually save you a pretty penny.

  • Engine protect cover

Not many people are aware that your comprehensive car insurance cover does not pay for any replacement done to your engine. Now, repairing any engine parts – including the piston and cylinders – can cost a fortune. So, be wise and take this add-on so that the liability of your engine falls on the insurance provider.

  • Return to invoice cover

If your vehicle is stolen or completely damaged, your car insurance will pay you its IDV (insured declared value). In order to get a better reimbursement, choose the return to invoice add-on. This add-on ensures that you get back the original cost of your vehicle including road tax and registration expenses.

Finally, remember that car insurance is mandated by law in India. So, before driving, make sure that you have your insurance policy in place. Do also consider the add-ons mentioned in this article as essential components of your car coverage.