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Your vehicle is probably something you use almost every day of your life. If you want to get the most out of it, it requires regular maintenance.

The best way to ensure that your car is safe, comfortable, and running well at all times is to regularly service it.

Although it might seem like a chore, there is never a bad time to give your vehicle a thorough inspection.

Having a clean and well-maintained vehicle will increase your car’s value should you decide to undergo a car valuation in Dubai.

There are some things you can do right now to prepare your vehicle and keep it in tip-top shape.

1- Thoroughly Brush and Vacuum Your Car’s Interior

Brushing your car’s interior using a soft-bristled brush is the best way to remove dust and dirt from its surfaces.

You’ll want to thoroughly brush the buttons, seat cushion crevices, ventilation areas, and hard-to-reach nooks so you can get rid of all the accumulated dirt.

After brushing, make sure you vacuum your car to get rid of any remaining dust or dirt particles.

Consider removing all the unnecessary clutter from your car, such as old cups, tissues, or empty bottles.

An organized car is always easier to clean, so we recommend keeping only the essentials like your sunglasses, garage clicker, and important papers.

Being clean and organized will help you sell any car in Dubai.

2- Clean the Windows With a Microfiber Cloth

Having clean car windows is essential because they’re vital for your safety on the road.

Glass cleaner can be too harsh for windows, so try to find a cleaning product or solution without ammonia to protect your windows.

Using a microfiber cloth ensures that there won’t be any spots or towel marks left behind after cleaning the windows.

Don’t forget the dirt that collects at the top of your windows as you can clean it easily.

3- Deep Clean Your Carpets and Mats

Every couple of months, your carpets and mats will need a deep cleaning to eliminate the accumulated dirt and grime.

Using a stiff brush can help you clean any dirt and debris trapped between your carpet’s fibers.

Like with brushing, make sure you vacuum the mats and carpets at the end for a clean and fresh interior.

4- Wash Your Car’s Tires

We recommend washing your car’s tires to make them shiny and increase their appeal.

When washing tires, make sure you use non-acid products to get the best results possible without damaging the tires.

You can also use a stiff brush to eliminate stubborn grime, dirt, and any other material that might be stuck in your tires.

If you need to reach small areas, consider using an old toothbrush.

Leaving your tires in great shape will significantly increase the value of your car and benefit you in the long run.

5- Clean and Polish Your Car’s Exterior

A polished and shiny exterior ensures that all eyes will be on your car.

Taking your vehicle to a carwash can be a great way to get that sleek and shiny look without damaging the paint.

You can also use a carwash solution instead of traditional soap to give your car a thorough wash at home.

We recommend drying the water yourself after a carwash instead of letting it dry out in the air because that helps remove dirt the water might leave.

Cleaning your car every couple of months is a good habit to build as well-maintained cars usually have longer lifespans and are worth more.