Cannabis consumption is considered medicinal in many parts of the world, including various US states. While the US has it legalized for recreational use in many states, some like North Caroline only allow limited medical usage. In the states where it is legal, smoking a joint or pipe may not be a problem. However, smoking cannabis may not be the most convenient or discrete option in states with strict laws. Moreover, people with cardiopulmonary conditions do not find smoking the best course of action. Besides, people have been extra careful with their lung health since the coronavirus outbreak. Another problem with smoking cannabis is that older folks don’t associate smoking with anything medicinal. They are accustomed to using pills, syrups, and ointments for medical purposes. So, keeping all these issues in mind, we have explained different methods for cannabis consumption, especially in the states with restricted and limited laws.

5 Cannabis Consumption Methods

Below, we have explained five cannabis consumption methods in detail:

Oral Methods

You can consume cannabis orally in two ways:


Edibles are a common way of consuming cannabis without smoking it. You ingest the edibles, and they are absorbed through your digestive tract, having a delayed onset. This method is easiest for consuming cannabis as you only have to eat the beverage, swallow, and wait for the effect. Typically, edibles have an onset of between 20 minutes to 3 hours.

The iconic pot brownies, THC-infused gummies, lemonades, honey, teas, and CBD-infused caramels are all different forms of edible cannabis. You can easily get other edibles in NC from various online websites or in-stores.


While sublingual methods are oral, they differ from edibles. They usually contain tinctures, dissolvable tablets, and films. However, unlike edibles, the sublingual forms of cannabis are not swallowed. You place them under your tongue and hold them till they dissolve. Since it is absorbed through the mucus membranes, it affects faster.

Inhalation Methods

Inhalation has its risks, but it remains one of the most commonly used cannabis consumption methods. Make sure you don’t hold the inhale while smoking to prevent excessive lung damage.

There are two methods of cannabis inhalation:


Smoking cannabis is the most popular method. When you smoke, you light the cannabis flower and inhale its smoke. In order to do that, people use different ways, including:

  • Pipes

The most commonly used device for cannabis smoking is a pipe. These easy-to-use, compact, pipe-like devices help inhale the flower smoke. You will find a bowl-like structure at one end to add the cannabis and light. The smoke from the cannabis will travel through the pipe’s chamber, reach the mouthpiece, and you will inhale.

  • Water Pipes

Water pipes include bongs and bubblers. Their primary functioning is the same as a pipe, but they filter the smoke through water held in a chamber. This water helps create a smoother inhalation experience as it cools down the smoke.

  • Joints

If you don’t want to use a pipe, learn how to roll a joint. In this method, you will roll the cannabis into rolling papers, creating a cannabis cigarette. After making one, you light it at one end and smoke like a regular cigarette.

  • Blunts

Blunts are relatively similar to joints. The only difference is that they don’t use rolling papers; instead, they use cigar papers. You can empty the tobacco from a cigar and fill it up with cannabis or buy blunt wraps.


The second inhalation method is vaping. Nowadays, vaping is very popular among young folks due to advancements in technology. In vaping, you use a device that heats the cannabis flower or concentrates below the combustion point. As a result, the active compounds transform into vapors that you can inhale.

Vaping uses three different ways for cannabis consumption:

  • Vaporizers

You add the cannabis to a heating chamber of the vaporizer, adjust its temperature, and inhale the vapor through its mouthpiece. These are found in portable form as well as tabletop versions.

  • Vape Pens

If you are fond of using cannabis oils or distillates, vape pens are the best way to consume them. A vape pen contains a cartridge to contain the oil or distillate and a battery to provide the heat.

  • Dabbing

Dabbing is a relatively new method for cannabis consumption. It uses a dab ring to vaporize cannabis concentrate. You will heat a ceramic, glass, or titanium nail and apply the concentrate to the hot surface. It will vaporize cannabis for your consumption.

Topical Methods

Technically, topical methods are only used as delivery methods and not consumption methods. As the name suggests, you use a topical product to absorb cannabinoids through your skin. You will feel the localized effects of these cannabinoids for relieving the symptoms of muscle soreness or pain. A topical product won’t produce any psychoactive effects like other consumption methods.

Which consumption method is the safest?

There are various cannabis consumption methods, but no one-size-fits-all answer. You can choose the suitable method, depending on your requirements, the experience you seek, and your choice of cannabis. Similarly, the safety of each method also varies from individual to individual. It means if someone is not well-equipped for smoking cannabis, they won’t have a great experience. So, the appropriate method and safety vary according to each individual’s requirements and expertise.