Sarees have a special place in every Indian women’s heart irrespective of age. Not just Indian girls, women around the world are loving to wear saree when they are visiting India or participating in Indian functions.

A saree look is incomplete without choosing the perfect blouse design for it. definitely blouse design is the important part of a saree outfit. some times a  beautiful blouse on a simple saree can make the outlook incredible.

If you are the who want to wear a saree but are uncomfortable with heavy fabric blouses, then it is time to add cotton blouse designs to your wardrobe. Nowadays we can try the enormous trend in cotton blouse designs also.

Here we are introducing trendy 5 simple cotton blouse designs to wear in 2021 on any occasion. there is included designs like the art printed, bow attached and embroidered and other creative ideas also. To attain the unique and stunning look in a simple saree choose the best blouse design ideas from this catalogue.

Back keyhole and unique art printed blouse design

If you want to try uniqueness with the help of art print then this design is a must-try! back keyhole with the tie knot makes this design more ultramodern. triangle-shaped lace on the end of the sleeve is another thing of this blouse. because of the multiple colours, this blouse will be perfect with a red or black plain saree. This design is a mixture of modern and traditional so it will be a must thing if you are a traditional lover.

Boarder puff sleeve blouse design

Simple yet trendy. boardered puff sleeve is the highlight of this blouse. light pink coloured floral print on the white fabric gives the idea of freshness and fancy. this design will be a perfect match for slim figures because of the puff sleeve. you can opt for this design with any fabric sari for your upcoming functions and festivals. it can wear office use and for daily use according to your like. it will be a perfect idea for do not want to look overdone in a saree.

Deep front neck with the floral printed blouse design

This design is for those who like to try different neck design experiments in outfits. the deep neck on the front is the main highlight of this blouse. W shaped back neck with tie knot will give an ultramodern look from the back. small flower print also makes the sensual appeal improve for viewers. it will go a perfect match with yellow and green colour georgette or chiffon or any plain saree. this design will be a comfortable and trendy look for you,

Gorgeous white colour embroidered blouse design

This is the best design you are worth trying! A small pattern of colourful flowers embroidered on the right side of the neck is giving a simple with trendy look. This blouse can make a gorgeous look with any simple can wear in any festival or important functions to make sure you are stunning from all other people. This blouse design is suitable for any saree irrespective of colour and fabric. rich looking lace at the end of the neck and sleeve is another reason for the attraction of this blouse.

Bow attached and Ikkat printed blouse design

This blouse is a perfect example of traditional also modern blouse designs. cute bow attached on the frontline and sleeves on the blouse make everybody has eyes on you .yes  it is more fantastic than you think.

Ikat print on red fabric gives a retro traditional look. if you are trying to be unique and trendy with simple blouse designs then this blouse must be the one you want in your wardrobe.

This blouse can pair with red and black georgette, chiffon, any fabric saree according to your like .this blouse design with a simple saree look will be an outstanding look for any type of function.


This is the era everyone try to make unique and different in their own way in fashion. So it will be a difficult task in this world to understand and make use of new trends which are changing day by day.

saree is a traditional outfit, but we can see what happened to the saree we seen from ages ago, there are coming new trends in saree and blouse designs also day by day. there is an enormous of different designs already now and others are inventing new trends also.

Cotton fabric is the thing all are most comfortable irrespective of any seasons .so we are tried to make trends in cotton blouse design to wear in any grand functions, festival or office wear.

We have seen 5 new trends of cotton blouse designs for this year. hope it will help understand the different designs of blouse from neck to fabric and sleeves and other things and it will give an idea for choosing the right designer blouse for your favourite occasions.