Singapore is a trove of festivals and events all year round and is undoubtedly one of the best countries to horn your holidays. This time is usually about the peak for dining and drinking, and everyone rushes out to grab a bite of their favorite foods. So how about capitalizing on the food promotions tag along with these events. Restaurants roll out taste lunch deals to add to the fun, and as such, here are the best events to nail a lunch promotion at Vivo City.

1. The Chinese New Year

The Chinese new year event is one of the best for tasty lunch promotions and happens around January 25th. The event takes 15 days at a stretch and is the best time when lunch promotions are at their peak. Of course, the fun summit is usually during the night, but how about filling up your energy reserves at one of Vivo City’s restaurants. Remember to be all eyes and eyes for the best lunch deals and be ready to pounce on one if it pops up.

2. The National Day

The national day usually happens on August 9th to remind all people of Singapore of the day the country obtained its independence. And as such, gracing the event with a tasty lunch treat should always accompany the fun as you hang easily around Vivo City. During this time, you could visit, a proficient restaurant inside the mall, and have a go at one of the best dishes. This time is usually best for lunch promotions, and most restaurants offer tasty dishes at discounted prices.

3. Good Friday

Good Friday is mainly a Christian event but is nationwide celebrated. It’s a time that Christians believe that their lord Messiah got prosecuted and crucified for humankind’s salvation. It’s the best time to hover over Vivo City restaurants and find something tasty to sink your teeth into. During this time, lunch promotions are usually rampant, and you can take any of your favorite dishes at wildly discounted prices. Perhaps you’d want to tag your friends and family and share this fun.

4. New Year’s Day

New year’s day is usually the first in the Christian and Muslim calendar years but still racks up a massive following by the wider community. The event also isn’t short of its surprises, and your tummy would love getting filled with savory foods at discounted prices. Lunch promotions around Vivo City are usually at their peak, starting as early as December 25th towards January 1st.

5. Christmas day

Christmas is a Christian festival when they believe that it’s the day when their savior was born and a commemoration of the moment of salvation. Regardless, the wider Singapore population still tags along in the celebrations, making it a peak time for food promotions. You might want to hang around the Vivo City restaurants during this time and grab a chance at a food promotion with friends and family.


Singapore is a haven for festivals that allow you to grab your favorite dishes at discounted prices. Therefore, please be all ears for any chance to pounce at any lunch promotion at Vivo City restaurants and enjoy the moment.