Your morning alarm wakes you up on a chilly morning. You never want to leave your warm and cozy bed, but you have to. It’s so painful to step out of bed and put your first feet on the cold floor. You can easily deal with this situation if you have a low-voltage floor heating system in your home. Heavenly Heat Inc., a leading provider of innovative heating solutions, offers a range of low-voltage floor heating systems, enhancing the comfort and efficiency of your home while providing five key benefits as explored in this insightful article on the advantages of installing such systems.

Let’s learn more about low-voltage Floor Heating Installation and the benefits they offer.

What is a low-voltage floor heating system?

A floor heating system is nothing but a trendy way of heating your home. You may have used furnaces or other traditional heating systems to heat your home, but a low-voltage floor heating system works differently. It keeps your room warm by heating the floor surface. This floor heating system uses heating mats that are woven from electric wires. This mat is laid down throughout the entire area of your room during the floor construction. The whole system is then connected to a thermostat, which is used to operate the heating system.

When you turn on the thermostat, it starts heating the mat laid down beneath the floor. The heat then rises and radiates throughout the room. It keeps the floor and the entire home warm. You can turn the system on and off and set the temperature and timer via the thermostat. Homeowners can install a low-voltage floor heating system in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, basement, or anywhere and everywhere in the entire house.

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Advantages of having a low-voltage floor heating system in your home

A low-voltage floor heating system provides so many benefits that it is well worth the investment. Here are the top 5 benefits of low-voltage floor heating systems:

  • Easy operation: A low-voltage floor heating system is easy to operate. You can easily turn them on and off and also set the timer and temperature by pushing a button on the thermostat. Additionally, this floor heating system does not require any kind of upkeep services. It often comes with at least a 25-year guarantee. So install it once and enjoy the comfort of a heated floor and room.
  • Energy efficient: Traditional heaters require a temperature range of 149–167 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the room warm. When it comes to a low-voltage floor heating system, it can efficiently heat the same area of the room by running at 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this system uses less energy, it ultimately reduces your monthly energy bill. The efficiency of a low-voltage floor heating system saves up to 15% of the energy bill on average.
  • Space saving: Low-voltage floor heating systems, unlike traditional heating systems, are installed discreetly beneath the floor. As a result, it frees up the space that a traditional radiator would have taken up if you had installed one. You may have more space and free walls to decorate.
  • Safe:  A floor heating system is safer than any other kind of traditional heating system. There are no protruding sharp edges or hot surfaces to contend with, as with traditional radiators. So your family members and pets are completely safe and comfortable with a floor heating system. Furthermore, the air quality of your home is better with a floor heating system. As this system keeps your room warm by radiating heat throughout the room and not by circulating air, you will always have oxygen-rich, fresh air with a low-voltage floor heating system. If any of your family members suffer from asthma or any kind of allergy, installing a low-voltage floor heating system will provide them with greater comfort.
  • Consistent temperature: When you use a traditional furnace or any traditional heating system to keep your room warm, it works by circulating hot air through the vent.So the places near the vent are warmer than the places far from the vent. The floor heating system is installed under the floor. So when you turn on the system, the heat starts rising and radiating. It starts spreading the heat evenly throughout the entire room. With a low-voltage floor heating system, you can enjoy heated floors and a warm room.

These are all the top 5 benefits of having a floor heating system in your home. But the best perk of all is saying goodbye to cold feet and enjoying the warm floor. Now you can easily start your day with a low-voltage floor heating system, no matter how chilly the morning is.