Quick response codes can be used to track consumer packaged goods throughout supply chains or provide information to retailers or end consumers. Most CPG brands can benefit from the use of QR codes on smart flexible packaging. Find out more about the purpose of QR codes on printed stand up pouches and discover five specific benefits of putting these codes on products.

What Is QR Code Packaging?

QR codes are a type of barcode that consists of black squares on a white background in a square grid. An imaging device with a two-dimensional sensor and programmed processor such as a smartphone can extract data from these patterns. 

Packages that feature QR codes can integrate these optical labels into packaging design. A QR code may be placed in a location on the package where it is most likely to be visible to the intended user, whether these codes are intended to be used for tracking during distribution or retail sale or to engage end consumers. 

Producers interested in QR codes should seek out a packaging printing service that offers recyclable pouch packaging with Connected Packaging technology. These services include serialized codes that allow for brand protection and product authentication.

5 Benefits of QR Code Packaging for CPG Products

QR codes can store more data than one-dimensional barcodes. Printing these codes on product packaging can have several benefits:

  1. Tracking
  2. Authentication
  3. Security
  4. Education
  5. Interaction

Products printed with unique QR codes can be tracked across the supply chain and product life cycle from the production line through distribution, sale and disposal. A brand can use feedback from these codes to determine how long it takes for products to reach set points in the supply cycle. 

Serialized QR codes are also useful for product authentication. Consumers can scan codes with a smartphone or another imaging device to verify the integrity of an item. In addition to preserving brand reputation, this feature can also be used to track purchases for the purpose of customer loyalty or reward programs. 

QR codes that are intended for end users can lead to branded experiences. Smart packaging can be a great way to educate consumers about sourcing or use or offer invitations to learn more about a product or explore a brand.

How Can CPG Brands Use QR Packaging?

A CPG brand can work with a digital packaging printing provider to add QR codes to existing designs or design new smart product packaging. The design of a package and the function and intended use of QR codes will determine where these optical labels appear. 

Once a producer determines the purpose QR codes will serve, a Connected Packaging provider can offer options for printing packages with serialized, unique codes. Brands should seek out digital printing services with options for variable print runs.

While QR codes are dependable and easy to use, planning is necessary to place these codes at the right place on package designs where they will be visible to the intended user. It can be helpful to work with a packaging company to determine the right QR code placement on any product.