Information technology (IT) is a crucial aspect of any business since automation and digital innovations are so much involved in operations and processes. IT network audit is one way to ensure that your IT infrastructure and capabilities are intact and are still able to help attain your business goals. 

What Is An IT Network Audit? 

An IT network audit pertains to the comprehensive evaluation of a company’s IT network, including infrastructure, computer equipment, operations, and policies. This activity should be regularly implemented by IT experts to ensure the health of an organization’s IT network system. Hence, many business owners use managed IT solutions to prioritize the auditing and monitoring of their IT systems.

Benefits Of An IT Network Audit

Below are some of the major benefits of an IT network audit:

1. Identify Connected Devices And Services

IT network auditing involves mapping and inventorying the network, including software and hardware elements. Automation support tools identify the connected devices and services to the network. Network auditing also involves security documentation of user accounts, groups, and permissions.

When you know the devices and services connected, you’re able to safeguard your IT network from vulnerabilities. Therefore, you can reduce the risks of a breach, abuse, and misuse of your network.

When performing an IT network audit, you have to start creating an inventory of existing networks. What are the devices currently running on your IT network? You have to include virtual and physical network infrastructure in each location. In addition, you need to determine the services and providers, including your telecom providers and network providers.

2. Update And Complete Inventories

Because many changes can happen in your business such as acquisitions and mergers, it’s crucial to perform an IT network audit. Existing and new applications increase the network demands. In addition, turnover in your IT infrastructure and management should warrant audits.

Network administrations prioritize daily IT operations. However, your IT systems need regular network updates. When you upgrade your networking technology, your software and hardware requirements need to be upgraded or replaced too. Hence, an IT network audit is imperative to determine the right requirements you need. 

3. Prompt Troubleshooting And Resolution

IT network administrators are always keeping an eye on an impending major network outage. When this event happens, users can’t connect to the internet and latency issues affect applications, users, partners, and clients. Regular IT network audit can help reduce an organization’s risks on such emergency scenarios and vulnerabilities. 

IT experts can troubleshoot existing and adjacent network issues to ensure business data security. When performing an IT network audit, you need to have a solid plan and the right tools. Choose network auditing tools that are highly recommended by experienced IT professionals.

If you’re planning to use an automated tool, configure basic settings first. You can use a seed device that’ll crawl all network devices. Network discovery tools may take several hours or days to build inventories of your IT network. These tools can build diagrams, documents, and inventories for network audits that you can also use in the post-audit phase.

4. Ensure Compliance With Regulatory Standards

IT network audit ensures that your industry complies with regulatory standards. Industries such as healthcare and financial sectors should adhere to critical standards like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or patient data privacy and confidentiality. External and internal auditors can use the information in an IT network audit to evaluate the compliance of your whole organization.

5. Increase Collaboration And Productivity

Regular IT network audits can help improve collaboration and productivity within your organization. By being able to identify authorized users and grant permissions to different groups or departments, business data sharing and utilization of information are more straightforward and secure.

With a reliable IT network, various aspects of business operations like billing, invoicing, inventory, marketing, and sales are prioritized by governing employees. They’re able to monitor and check relevant activities using a reliable dashboard in a secure network without fear of cyberattacks.

An IT network audit report will keep everything organized. IT networking tools generate automated reports that can address business and operational issues beyond a technical perspective. In this way, you can create specific actionable data and make quick-fix resolutions every time you need to troubleshoot network issues.


IT network audit is a critical activity that evaluates your business’s IT infrastructure and capabilities. With it, you’re able to protect your assets and ensure data integrity when stored and shared in various networks of devices and processes. Increase your business’s security, productivity, and overall success by prioritizing an IT network audit.