Gold bangles have a special place in the lives of Indian women. They symbolize marriage, prosperity, good luck, and social status. In the past decade, gold bangle designs have evolved to meet the changing needs of women. More and more women are choosing minimalistic designs so that they can wear gold bangles every day, even if it means wearing them to work with a western outfit. So let’s take a look at the top 5 bangle designs that ornament your wrist effortlessly to make you look every bit beautiful. 

1. Gold Wide Kada: We often see Indian women adorn different designs of bangles, and gold kada is one of the most popular ones. It is a broad gold bangle often having an intricate design like meshwork to captivate the hearts of millions. Traditionally gold Kada bangles are flaunted during special festivals or occasions because they are heavy and considered not to a daily wear ornament. However, when you browse through the modern website for buying gold bangles you will realize that modern-day designs of gold kada are light-weight, trendy, and can easily be paired with an Indo-western outfit.

2. Geometrical Shape Bangles: If you want to break free from the monotonous round-shaped gold bangles, then the geometrical-shaped gold bangles have been crafted just for free-spirited people like you! From shapes like squares, hexagons, octagons, the choices are many. Usually, these bangles are slim, so stack four or five of these bangles with your formal wear to make the right style statement.

3. Dimond Studded Bangle Bracelet: Why reserve diamonds for special occasions, when you can wear them every day? A simple yet elegant diamond-studded bangle bracelet can amp up your daily fashion curve. While exploring a website for buying diamond bangles, check for minimalistic designs, with no sharp edges or patterns that may get entangled with your outfit. Dominond bangles can be paired with practically anything you wear, and they instantly elevated your overall look. 

4. Open Style Gold Bangle: The perception and purpose of wearing a gold bangle have seen a paradigm shift in the last few years. Modern women no longer adorn jewelry to impress others, but rather likes to wear it to make a strong statement about their style and personality. An open-style gold bangle or a bracelet is a great way to achieve this. These come in delicate motifs, and patterns that look charming with formal wear, stylish with casuals, and flirtish with evening gowns.

5. Gemstone Bangles: Gemstones are a great way to brighten up your otherwise regular kurta. If you thought gemstone bangles are meant for the elderly, then the recent addition to the styles will force you to change your mind. Stacking multi-gemstone studded bangles can be a great way to mark your tasteful style statement and love towards the bling factor. Long gone are the days when pearl bangles were meant to be worn only with sarees, pair pearl, and diamond-studded bangle with your flowy beach gown to spruce up your look instantly. 

 If you have never thought about how versatile, yet fashionable gold bangles can be, then we hope the above designs have added useful insights!