Going on holiday with your extended family can be a fantastic experience for people of all ages. Whilst the idea may fill some with dread, there are many brilliant benefits to a large family getaway that make it well worth considering. Here are five awesome reasons to go on holiday with your extended family.

Experience Quality Time Together

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to coordinate diaries and find time to get the whole extended family together. Going on a group holiday means you are removed from the distractions and stresses of daily life and can properly relax and focus on spending quality time together. Whether it’s long lazy meals, board games in the evening or family walks, you’ll get to enjoy each other’s company and have proper catch-ups. It’s a chance to strengthen bonds between generations and distant relatives that you wouldn’t normally see very much.

Make Memories

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to create lifelong memories, especially when shared with family. Taking your extended family away allows you to experience new activities and adventures together, which you’ll reminisce and laugh about for years to come. It could be a disastrous round of mini golf, an eventful evening around the karaoke machine or a waterslide race that got a bit too competitive! Holidays are often when family in-jokes are born, and nostalgic stories take place. Make the most of having everyone together in one place to create some unforgettable shared memories.

Try New Things

Having your extended family around you on holiday can give you the confidence to try experiences you wouldn’t necessarily do on your own. You can embrace new things together as a team! It could be an activity like surfing, zip-lining, paddleboarding, or something like an escape room, murder mystery night, or talent show. Trying new activities and pushing yourselves outside your comfort zones as a family can really help you bond. You’ll gain some brilliant stories and learn new things about each other.

Take Advantage of Group Discounts

A significant benefit of extended family holidays is that group discounts often apply on things like accommodation, attraction entry tickets and dining out. The bigger the party, the bigger the potential savings. For example, you’ll often find that a large holiday home is cheaper than a hotel and much more suitable for an extended family getaway. Likewise, some restaurants provide generous group menus when booking for over 6 or 10 people. Taking the whole extended family away can give you economies of scale, allowing you to afford a bigger and better holiday than you may be able to individually.

Enjoy All Ages Together

Multi-generational holidays allow all family members, from grandparents to young children, to appreciate quality time together and create magical memories. Grandparents will love seeing their grandchildren experiencing new adventures and making discoveries, whilst the kids gain so much from spending time with their elders learning new skills, hearing stories about family history and getting spoiled! Holidays are often where special bonds develop between younger and older generations. With everyone removed from home comforts together, you learn how to live alongside and understand each other in new ways.

Holidaying with extended family provides an opportunity to strengthen bonds, share laughter and create lifelong memories you’ll treasure. Whilst it requires some coordination, the rewards are certainly worthwhile.