You’ve found your perfect match to settle down with and the perfect ring. Now, comes one of the best parts- the proposal. The world is your oyster if you are looking for dreamy spots to pop the question. So if you are looking to go big on your proposal, here are 5 awesome places to propose around the world:


It doesn’t matter hoe overdone of a destination it may be- people go to Paris to propose because it is the most romantic city in the world; hands down. The city did not get nicknamed the City of Love for nothing. The language alone is sufficient reason to make this your proposal destination but the iconic locations and sites are also a great motivator.

Pop the big Q atop the Eiffel Tower or if you would like to skip this cliché, simply pick a hotel with great views of the city and what you have is a proposal so memorable that it will have to be retold till you get sick of it.


Believe it or not, Chicago is one of the most romantic places in America and is just absolutely brimming with romance. In the Windy City, you will be treated to an array of choices when it comes to picking romantic backdrops, which is exactly what you need to allow you to plan a stress-free proposal (as stress-free as a proposal can get, that is).

If your soon-to-be loves eating out, you will be treated to a selection of fine dining establishments in Chicago where you can pull out all the stops. Some of the swankiest restaurants in Chicago are Michelin Starred titans but we understand that not everyone is proposing on a baller budget.

Amazing restaurants in Chicago come in all shapes and sizes from amazing and intimate family 0wned pizza joints to popular Mexican eateries; the Windy City has a belt-busting dining scene that will provide a phenomenal foundation for your proposal.

A great restaurant will help to set the tone for your proposal so you must pick the right one. Pick a place that has a nice balance of friendliness and intimacy and ask the management if they can up the candlelight and flowers to boost the romance. The rest is up to you. For a selection of locations to propose from in Chicago, find a comprehensive list here.

South Africa

What can beat an African proposal? If what you are going for is a mind-blowing surprise that will guarantee a yes on that all ever-important question, then one of the best countries in Africa to propose from would be South Africa. Don’t get us wrong; Africa is teeming with thousands upon thousands of perfect little spots for your perfect proposal.

But we don’t want to weigh you down with the broad selection. South Africa is a great proposal destination; it’s urban but you’ll still be treated to a nice balance of culture. Whether you prefer to serenade your soon to be life partner with an evening under the best night sky you’ve ever seen or perhaps a safari would be more your speed.

The country is simply designed for an unforgettable experience. So many of South Africa’s idyllic little gems are custom made for the dreamiest and most romantic proposal you can organize. Case in point, imagine proposing to your love on the Rovos Rail, which is touted as the most luxurious train ride in the world.  

This train has everything that you can imagine a luxury train would have from hot tubs to magnificent views. Just one thing though; no TVs or WI-FI, which means that you’ll have to make your online debuts long after the proposal, as it should be.


Nothings screams grandeur like getting engaged in Monaco. What can’t you do in Monaco? Board an iconic boar and go on a voyage to discover the land’s remarkable sites; if you see an opening, why not pop the question? Is water more your thing? Go ahead and propose underwater during a snorkeling adventure.

Looking for a venue to pop the question? Consider the Hotel de Paris, that’s situated at the heart of the Monte Carlo. This venue is majestic in every way; envision a romantic proposal setting characterized by the highest ceilings that you’ve ever seen, sleek golden interiors, crystal chandeliers everywhere, and the frescoes…let’s not forget the frescoes. It’s truly straight from a scene in a romantic movie.

And you don’t even have to limit your proposal to a sit-down meal. Cruising around together as you explore the treasures awaiting you in the Mediterranean is a great way for a couple to solidify their bond before or after the big question is asked.

Take your pick from a range of outstanding world-renowned restaurants and hotels. Or just take it easy and propose at the beach as you enjoy the balmy sea breeze. Afterward, you can relish a lazy gourmet lunch or dinner together as you relish how far your relationship has come.

St. Barts

The capital, Gustavia, is all glitz and glam. Though it is primarily known as where the who’s who prefer to come and play, there’s more to St. Barts than its royalty and prestige. A proposal in St. Barts would definitely be one for the ages- and it will make your journey together towards marriage that much more epic. With a little careful planning, it is entirely possible to have fun with your soon to be wife or husband on a budget.

There is certainly no shortage of posh hotels on this island. However, there are plenty of classy yet affordable finds. Explore the various towns on the island and then pop the question when you spot a beautiful location with laid back vibes and amazing views to make your proposal even more Instagram-worthy than it already is.

Final Thoughts

So you want to propose? First things first, congratulations. Now that you’ve found your forever mate, you want to make sure that everything for your proposal is perfect, from picking the right ring to finding a magical location. And if you are looking to go all-in, nothing best a destination proposal. Whisk your beloved to one of these amazing destinations above and create your romantic story. You’re welcome.