Have you heard the story about the truck setting fire to westbound? This incident occurred in Toronto, and the Canada people have shown their reaction to it. The emergency services were on the scene to cover the truck fire.

You can find out more about how the truck caught alight and what caused it to catch fire.

Reason for Truck Fire

Monday, August 15, 20,22 at around 3:00 pm, a truck caught on fire. It closed all lanes for almost an hour. According to sources, the technical problem that caused the truck’s fire set it ablaze. Thankfully, no one was injured. Before the fire extinguisher team arrived, there was serious damage. This incident was so bizarre that it became trending and widely publicised.

407 Truck Fire

Brampton Fire Services was informed by a local that there had been a truck fire. The highway was not opened to locals until after the truck was removed. Fire Emergency services published information on Twitter about the truck fire within one hour. According to Fire Emergency Services, the situation has been resolved and only one lane is available on Highway westbound east past Hurontario Street. The investigation is continuing in another lane. Sources say that no one was hurt and no injuries were reported in the 407 Truck Fire accident.

People responses

Passing motorists on the highway shared their experiences. Mr Bob stated that smoke covered the sky, and could be seen from many meters away. Mrs Linda said that everyone was safe and that the fire extinguisher teams did a fantastic job. This horrible incident should never again happen in their city and should not have to be repeated.

Police advised locals not to get out of the vehicle and encouraged them to find another road. According to the 407 Truck Fire reports, the truck caught fire from technical and chemical reasons.

The viral video of the truck lighting up is spreading fast on the internet.


To wrap up, we shared information with our readers about what caused the truck to catch fire and why Toronto streets were blocked for over an hour. We also shared information regarding how people reacted.

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