This post discusses the Equity Account Marketmuse Review as well as their pricing plan.

Are you looking for a marketing tool to optimize your content? Are you interested in learning more about MarketMuse? This post is for you.

MarketMuse, an Artificial Intelligence-powered digital marketing and keyword planning tool, is available. Many content writers and agencies in the United States would like to learn more about MarketMuse’s SEO tool. This post will discuss the MarketMuse SEO tool and Equity account Marketmuse Review.

What is Market Muse?

Market Muse, an AI- and cloud-based SEO tool, assists businesses in creating authoritative and detailed content that is search engine friendly. MarketMuse is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. Many people have reviewed AI-powered tools online. Cloud-based software has been praised by many online review sites. MarketMuse has received negative reviews online.

This is a great tool for SEO professionals and medium-to-large agencies who want to create a content marketing plan that’s based on statistics, not instinct.

Before we get to Equity Account Marketmuse Review, let’s discuss the legitimacy of the site.

Legitimacy MarketMuse

  • Creation Date: Registered 12 March 2008.
  • Website Age – MarketMuse website has been around for 14 years, 2 mois and 11 days.
  • Website Expiry The site domain will expire on the 12th of March 2023.
  • Trustworthiness The site is trustworthy with a 44604 Alexa rank and an 86% trust score.
  • Country origin: MarketMuse is located in the United States.
  • Data Security: Safe by HTMLs.
  • The Proximity of Suspicious Websites: 100
  • Threat Profile: not available.
  • Phishing Score Not Available
  • Malware Score Not Available
  • Spam Score Not Available
  • Social relations MarketMuse offers a high level of engagement and social media relations.

Equity Account Marketmuse Review

MarketMuse also has a few customer reviews. MarketMuse has an average rating. There are mixed reviews about the site. While many have praised the utility of the tool, others have criticized it for being useless and gibberish.

Because it uses algorithms to generate customized ideas for domain addresses, it can provide extremely integrated and comprehensive results. It covers everything, from topic selection to content development, keyword integration and FAQ building, as well as competition analysis and posting internal and externe links.

Now that we have a better understanding of Equity Account Marketmuse Review, let’s discuss MarketMuse pricing plans.

MarketMuse Pricing & Plans

We have listed the three plans available in the AI tool below.

  • Free Plan – This plan includes 1 user, 10 projects, and 15 queries/month.
  • $149 Monthly Plan – This plan is only for one user. You get unlimited projects, 100 queries per calendar month, data exports and SEO features.
  • $99/Month – This plan can be used by 25 team members. It includes unlimited queries as well as many other features.


The MarketMuse SEO tool is easy to use. Although the tools are not as functional as other popular SEO tools, they do a great job. Click here to read reviews.

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