If your day-to-day shaving journey leaves your skin itchy and broken, then it’s time you need to upgrade your skincare routine.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female; shaving is something very common. It’s not a shock at all if you develop skin rashes. But, after shaving, exfoliation is very much required and with the right kind of lotions and creams.

Razors often leave the skin broken and dry, which causes the skin to develop allergic reactions. But with a few skincare tips and tricks, I can guarantee you can overcome these skin conditions and prevent skin rashes.

Here are 4 remedies that you try to get back your soft, original skin:

1. Make use of Aloe Vera Gels

From ancient times, aloe vera has proved to have the ability to cure skin rashes and soothe skin. Then why not use it in this case? Aloe Vera’s cooling action works wonders on the skin and reduces skin redness itching.

If the actual plant isn’t available, there are many authentic aloe vera gels available in the stores and in the online shops. But make sure the product you’re buying is pure and is devoid of alcohol.

2. Apply witch hazel

Witch hazel is a popular homemade astringent derived from the witch hazel plant, which soothes and cools the skin down. Applying witch hazel is very effective if you face skin conditions and allergies after your shaving session.

Take a soft cotton ball, dip it into a tablespoon of witch hazel compound, and slightly press on the affected areas or the broken area of the skin. This will immediately give a cooling effect and will lessen the irritation.

Other than that, you can also make use of men’s aftershave, because it helps relax your skin. 

3. Apply Apple cider vinegar solution

It is not news that apple cider vinegar has excellent healing properties and works like a pro with skin reactions and inflammations. These kinds of vinegar are easily available in supermarkets, grocery shops, and online markets.

For application, pour about one cup of apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle. After bathing with lukewarm water, spray the vinegar gently on the affected areas. Then give it some time; you will notice that the irritation has lessened, and the skin isn’t red and rashy anymore.

4. Prepare a mint and green tea solution

Green tea alone has many curing properties, and it works excellently in the case of rashes and inflammations. But green tea combined with mint will not only help the skin reactions and allergies to die down, but it will especially give you a relaxing, cooling effect.

This works even better if you have just shaved and the skin is dry. Not only after shaving, but if you use this on hot days, it will immediately provide you with a cooling sensation after a long, exhausting day.

To create this concoction, add 5 tea bags of green tea and around 3 cups of freshly plucked mint leaves into a bowl of boiling water. Let the whole thing boil for over 3 minutes, and then filter the mixture out. Let it cool down, and then put it in a spray bottle and apply to the affected areas.

5. Use a Natural Moisturizer

After shaving, you can also use hypo-allergic moisturizer to help soothe your skin. However, make sure that it constitutes natural ingredients like Aloe Vera or Witch Hazel. That will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized preventing any kind of rashes. 

Other than all the above-mentioned points, you must also make sure you shave in the proper manner, you can look for external help for it like YouTube Videos, or online guides. Often, the main cause of itches after shaving is the wrong shaving process. 

Over to you

Shaving is very common nowadays for every gender, but it’s the skincare that follows, which is extremely important.

First of all, if your skin remains itchy all the time, then you should stop shaving and get into waxing. But, if you persist even after that, it is advisable to take good care of the skin because if these rashes are left untreated, it might result in something even more fatal.