Who doesn’t love a big house? In our crowded Indian cities, open space seems to be a luxury for many and it comes at hefty prices these days. But you don’t need to worry because we have some tips & tricks to help you make your small space look bigger and brighter.

So, if you’ve chosen to open up your home, you can try putting together some of these smart ideas before you start hustling.

1.   Stick To One Colour Family

For a small space, many colour combinations can be overwhelming. Therefore, you should stick with one colour family and decorate in different shades of that colour. This will give the room a minimalist look and a peaceful feel. Also, to make the room look bigger, don’t choose harsh, dark wall colours as they cannot reflect light and make the room appear smaller. Instead, use shades of white, grey, yellow, and cream as they have light-bouncing abilities. Also, always use a light colour on the ceiling as they complement any wall colour and open up the space above, reflecting light.

2.   Select Curtains Wisely

Curtains have a substantial effect on the decor of your home. And a good way to open up your space, you ought to go along with a few soothing and breathable curtains. One has to cautiously select the curtains and go along with a few particular colours. So to make a room appear open and airy, select curtains that are – White, Beige, or Light Grey in Colour, or are simply patterned with bright and mild colours. The texture of the curtains also performs an essential role. Some lace or light-weight cotton curtains are best to make the room’s appearance spacious.

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3.   Let Mirrors Create The Magic

Smartly placing mirrors in the living room is a brilliant way to make a small space look larger and brighter. So place a large wall mirror facing the window, it will reflect the light back into the room and create the illusion of making the space feel larger. This will make the room appear brighter, breathable, and more spacious. It is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to maximize the space.

4.   Use Creative Lighting

Adding some creative effects using lighting fixtures can make a big difference. Some lamps having bright shades and layered lighting will produce more and better light in the room. You can go for a wall-mounted lamp instead of a floor or table lamp. This will help save the floor and surface space while making the room appear larger.

In a Nutshell

Always try to choose soothing shades for your home. And if possible select the same colour for the walls and curtains of a room. Remember, the lighter the colour, the more spacious and airy the room will be. Also, try out your own unique ideas along with the ideas we shared above. Happy Designing!