Every month, women have to go through a tough time. Along with physical discomfort, it also brings along other problems. Issues like mood swings, stress and tiredness are often experienced. Wearing comfortable clothes during periods can give you much relief from such problems. If you’re looking for comfortable period underwear, you should visit us.modibodi.com. Here are some other ways to keep energized and relaxed during periods.

1.  Consume Healthy Food

When you are already going through pain and discomfort, you should avoid spicy and oily foods. It can make you feel worse and cause digestive problems as well. It is recommended you consume a good amount of fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy. You may feel less discomfort when your body is nourished with a good number of vitamins and nutrients. Consuming healthy food may or may not make you feel better. But either way, it definitely won’t make you feel worse. If you have a strong craving for some junk, treat yourself but in moderation.

2.  Go for a Walk

Sometimes, when periods are extremely painful, it makes you bedridden. Getting out of bed becomes uncomfortable during such situations. If you stay indoors all day; it will put your mind and body in an unhealthy state. Therefore, make sure that you go out for a short walk as soon as you start feeling a bit better. You will feel better and relieved from pain if you are out in nature during the morning or evening hours. Walking and doing some basic activities are proven to be relieving during periods.

3.  Drink Coffee

Coffee is a good and readily available source of caffeine. If you are experiencing mood swings during periods, then drinking coffee will help you boost your mood. Apart from that, it will also help you work better as caffeine is a good source of energy. However, to ensure that you get good quality sleep, avoid drinking coffee a few hours before sleep. Drinking coffee during periods can help you stay focused as well as energized at your workplace. Therefore, to feel cheerful and energetic during periods, consume a good amount of coffee to replenish your energy.

4.  Stay Positive

Good things and bad things happen in everyone’s life. It’s  important to focus on positive and good things happening to be happy. If you find yourself dwelling on negative things, instead of regretting them, you should reflect to see what can be learnt from them. Overthinking a lot about negative things in life during periods can increase stress. Distract yourself by meditating, watching movies, hanging with your close friends and talking to your family to remain positive during periods.