Today, most people can just send a text message instead of going on special occasions to actually meet interesting people. Not only has this solved the issue of time, but also has offered a solution for people, who are not comfortable talking to people face to face. For such cases, the digital platforms have come up as a huge rescue. 

Wondering, how digital platforms are easing our lives and smoothing out the conversations? 

Here is how.

  1. Social Networking Is Key

When it comes to social networking, one of the major names that come up is Facebook. Today, there are billions of people connected through Facebook globally. Apart from Facebook, some other platforms of social networking that have emerged over time are Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Now, an interesting pattern that has been recognized is that people, who are not able to communicate face to face are keen to start conversations on these social networking platforms quite comfortably. If we consider the example of LinkedIn, it is best known to allow people to make connections with other professionals. Facebook is great for keeping in contact with old acquaintances and family. Instagram is highly visual — it is expected of you to watch to produce pictures and videos. Talkliv, on the other hand, is created to let people know about each other’s interests and communicate in the most efficient and genuine manner.

  1. Chatting Is King!

Life has changed completely after the introduction of several texting applications such as Whatsapp, isn’t it? 

If you consider the most popular application Whatsapp alone, it has almost 2 billion users across the world. Of course, there are also many other chatting and texting applications that are available today and suit your best interests. 

An interesting fact is that while Whatsapp offers the feature of voice messages and video calls, the chat feature is much more popular than the other ones. As per the statistics of Oberlo, there are as many as 4.2 billion messages that are shared every hour on the app. Sending a simple ‘Hi’ or an emoticon on such chatting applications often leads to an ice-breaker session that ultimately leads to a much longer conversation. 

  1. New Acquaintances Are On The Other Side Of The Chat

When we are talking about the specific socializing platforms, we actually are directing to the options of sites where people meet new friends and have conversations online to build genuine friendships that last. There are several benefits that have been noticed with the use of such socializing platforms today. 

Such platforms are great for people who are introverts and do not know how to initiate a conversation with the person whom they admire or like. That’s exactly why Talkliv has a built-in conversation starters feature. On communication platforms these people find their new acquaintances. Here they can comfortably initiate a talk that ultimately leads to a conversation and even can lead to a video or physical meeting later on. 

Another eminent way how these platforms help is by enabling the users to develop the art of having a smoother conversation with people. Users slowly get rid of their phobia of talking to strangers and ultimately gain confidence that helps them in having better conversations in real life too. 

  1. Online Meets Is The New Black

Are you among those who get anxious in interviews and meetings and fumble up your words? No doubt, the presence of someone senior or strangers may make you feel self-conscious due to which you fail at giving your best in communication. 

The era of online meets has definitely helped many people in this situation. There is a new trend of “blind” interviews, when any interviewers ask for an online conversation in which the interviewee is not able to see the one asking questions. Thus, the interviewee does not get self-conscious and is able to communicate in a much direct, open, and fair way. Also, even when the camera is on, it has been noticed that the participants are comparatively less nervous on online meets than the real life ones. 
Thus, digital platforms have a massive role to play in smoothening communication and easing out first-time conversations. There are so many options in digital platforms available today that help those individuals, who otherwise face trouble initiating a conversation with someone known. Communication platforms, such as Talkliv, are there to tremendously ease your way in making new friends and creating genuine connections with people all over the world.