If properly run, we can consider poultry farming among the most profitable businesses in the world and we don’t have enough poultry farmers today, which is why the chicken farming industry is a lucrative startup option. 

When we talk facts, a chicken farming business has evolved into the best way to make a fortune in a matter of days and this article will concentrate on how a chicken farming business plan can benefit entrepreneurs aiming at poultry farming business.

You can have your own business plan or take professional help from companies like OGScapital. Since it is important to have dedication for a startup to grow, a map is equally important and beneficial.

  1. Speedy Prototyping

Having a chicken farming business plan will teach you what kind of chicken you should go for according to your area. For instance, a stable layer chicken almost always lays one egg per day or four eggs per week, but it can also lay seven eggs in a week, depending on the condition of your poultry. 

Generally, it requires 21 days for the egg to develop. In technical terms, this implies that a layer chicken will create two layers in three days. So, when you have 500 healthy white chickens, you can expect 12,000 eggs in 5-6 weeks.

  1. A Rapid Rate of Growth

The most fascinating aspect of having a business plan for poultry is its growth boost. When the eggs are laid, it needs about 21 days. It takes around 27 to 28 weeks for them to be completely ready for sale after they are delivered. 

This suggests that after successfully starting a poultry farm, a poultry farmer can start earning money in just 31 weeks. This would enable him to double his profits per year, as per the calculations. 

  1. More Profits

All you would want as an entrepreneur is to make excellent progress and a chicken farming business plan can help you with it. Let us clear that the value of chicken farming is not that poor so you will make a fair profit. 

In the poultry or chicken farming industry, a fully grown healthy chicken costs about $10 to $11 dollars. So, if you raise 12,000 chicks in 40 days on your farm, you would obviously make upto $100,000 when they’re all sold.

  1. Broader Market

A chicken farming business plan will also inform you of side ways of the industry. It will talk about chicken eggs being another profitable source of income in the meat industry. 

You can earn by selling chicken eggs at different rates as per their sizes. Each crate usually contains 30 eggs. So, if your farm has 500 layers, each of whom lays 12,000 eggs per month, and you want to sell all of them, you will make $1,500.


It is difficult to pick up something as sensitive as birds for a profession, but a right guide can help you succeed with no worry.


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