One of Google’s features is using its AI voice search technology for a better user interface. This can help you succeed through more visibility and more web traffic. Also, this is another way for your business to keep up with the ever-changing Google algorithm and the users’ preference in using voice search.

You can follow these SEO strategies to optimize your website for brand awareness and increase traffic through Google’s voice search feature. Additionally, lawrence hitches seo speaker can give you an overview, more knowledge, and strategies to be relevant to the algorithm and increase search engine rankings.

1. Set up Your Google Business Profile

Setting up and giving time to put relevant information on your Google Business Profile helps greatly, especially in a local setting. Generally, nearby users usually want to locate businesses around their area, making it easy and very local-friendly, especially to voice search results. 

In fact, you get more benefits than just increased visibility within your locality. For instance, you can track your Google Business Profile’s progress and get insight into total user searches, views, reviews, and local competitors.

2. Responsive Design and User Interface

As you can observe, mobiles are more likely to be used in voice searches. This makes it crucial for your website to load smoothly and quickly and have a responsive design on mobile devices other than desktops or laptops.

You should consider the readability of your website’s contents. With this, users will visit your site not just because of its contents but also how easy it is to navigate your page and find what they’re looking for.

3. Provide a FAQ Section Page

Users usually navigate through voice search results of their queries regarding locations and other information to which they quickly need an answer.

So, ready-made questions that the algorithm can locate and retrieve back to users with the answers they need would be helpful for your site. Also, make detailed yet brief answers in the FAQs since users want immediate answers to their queries.

4. Prioritize Conversational Keywords

In voice searches, users tend to ask and speak conversationally, so it’s preferred to focus on conversational keywords that the algorithm will pick up to retrieve back to its users. Google will likely pick up content based on questions about who, what, why, where, when, and how. 


Like regular search engine optimizations, you can follow the abovementioned tips on optimizing your site through another search engine feature. These strategies match Google’s algorithm requirement for increasing ranking and being more visible to users.

Therefore, it’s important to focus on making your Google Business Profile more relevant and consider the essential keywords users frequently use to keep within their radar. Google will keep innovating features to help users be at ease in using their services within the search engine. This is why it’s best to keep updated on the changes within their algorithm.