Many Australians have heard about the coming of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and yet, there are still a lot who do not know exactly what it is. Its goal is to provide super-fast and reliable Internet services to approximately eight million homes and businesses supposedly done in 2020. However, NBN Co is still progressively rolling out the network.

If you’re planning to join the bandwagon and switch providers, you need to check whether it’s already available in your area. If so, you may now proceed to comparing different NBN broadband plans that numerous providers offer. Here is an attempt to disseminate information to let you know about the what, who, why and when of NBN before you purchase a new broadband plan that will suit your budget.

What is the National Broadband Network?

The government-owned company, NBN Co, is the one responsible for building and maintaining the technology that comprises the NBN access network. It supplies broadband services on a wholesale basis to telco companies like Optus, TPG, Telstra, and so forth.

When we say ‘wholesale’, it means the company doesn’t sell Internet services directly to the public. You have to get your phone and Internet services from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) of your choice, and not from the NBN Co itself.

Who Are Affected By The Upgrade?

Practically all of Australia, homes and businesses included, are affected by this change since your services will be moved over to the NBN network. By then, you shall have switched to a new provider which will then give you a new plan that would fit your needs. But worry not for you are to be given ample time to switch over and when the right time comes, your old phone and Internet copper network will be shut down.

Clearly, this NBN impacts landline phone and Internet services all across the country. Think of the benefits of having a reliable and high-speed Internet no matter where you are located. Amazingly, keeping in touch with family and friends, online banking and shopping, streaming music and movies and even online entertainment will all be done in a snap!

Why The Need To Change?

Experts reveal that the existing copper network of Australia can no longer cope up with the demands of the 21st century since the digital landscape is always changing fast. Users always demand swift and efficient landline phone and Internet services and the only way to do this is to upgrade the network so that everyone will have seamless connection for years to come. NBN will be using a range of broadband technologies that include new fibre-optic cable, fixed wireless and satellite and including existing copper lines so that all Australian homes and businesses will enjoy high-speed and dependable Internet services.

When Is It Due?

Your location will be the basis of when you will get connected to NBN. Expect to receive some notification in your mail to know that the network is now available in your locality. Likewise, telco providers have started to advertise their materials in case the NBN will be switched on. Meanwhile, it’s good to start shopping around for the best NBN broadband plans available.