It’s recommended that you buy your wedding dress nine months before the big day, and that you try on no more than 10 to 15 of them. Otherwise, you’ll become overwhelmed and waste precious time.

You might already have a wedding dress design in mind: you want beautiful beads. But delicate beading can be tough to deal with, and you don’t want things to go wrong when you say “I do,” nor do you want any surprises.

Read on for four things you need to know about beaded wedding dresses.

1. It Might Be Expensive

You might already be prepared to spend a fortune on your wedding gown; you only get married once, after all (hopefully). But if you want an intricate and elegant dress, then be prepared to spend a massive amount.

The more beading there is, the pricier it’ll be. Most designer gowns are handmade and individually hand-beaded, so as you can see, it takes a lot of time and hard work to make.

So when you shop for wedding dresses, go for a simpler one with fewer embellishments if you don’t have a large budget.

2. It Can Be Heavy

When you look at all those beads, it’s hard to imagine that they’d weigh a ton on you. However, those small beads can quickly add up, and it can be difficult to move around on your wedding day if you’re weighed down by them.

The weight can differ depending on the number of beads and the material used. So make sure you not only try on the gowns, but also walk around a bit to see how it feels on you.

3. Consider Your Body Type

You’ll need to do this with any dress, but especially so with beaded gowns. The beads will weigh the dress down, which can highlight certain areas of your body. And their natural shininess will do that anyway, especially when they catch the light at the venue.

Ensure that the wedding dress you choose flatters your figure in all the right ways.

4. It’ll Need Special Care and Handling

As you might’ve expected, these small wedding dress details can easily come off. They can snag on jewelry, door hinges, and many other objects, so you need to be extra careful when wearing and handling your wedding dress.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t throw it into your washing machine. Have your gown professionally cleaned; it’ll be worth every penny spent when the beads stay intact.

Pick the Best Beaded Wedding Dresses

There’s no doubt that beaded wedding dresses are stunning, so you might want to get one for your vows.

By knowing more about these special gowns, you can shop more efficiently. Plus, there won’t be any surprises either. As a result, you’ll look breathtaking on your wedding day, and everyone will remember it for years.

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