Moving into commercial property is exciting. You’re expanding your business; you’re hiring new people. However, there are things to consider when moving into Lutes Property Services. If you don’t take these factors into account, they can affect your business.

1. New development

When you acquire a commercial property, many factors can affect the value of your investment. For example, a new development in the area may positively or negatively impact your property’s value. An increase in demand for housing and new businesses due to a nearby project could mean higher rents and increased traffic around your building. On the other hand, if residents feel pressured by increasing development (or if they don’t like it), they might move away or stop patronizing local businesses because they don’t want to live next door anymore.

When considering whether or not to purchase any given piece of real estate as an investment opportunity, consider these variables and others to make sure you’re doing thorough research to make good decisions when buying commercial properties!

2. Land development

Land development affects the value of your commercial property in several ways. Firstly, it can affect demand. In other words, how many people want to buy or rent space in your building? If there are no restaurants or stores nearby and no residential units above or below you, chances are your landlord won’t be able to get much rent out of you! Also, keep in mind that if there’s too much competition for places to live near an area (or office space), then prices are likely going down, and that means less profit for landlords.

3. Road development

Road development can affect property values. If you’re building or buying a commercial property, the condition of the roads in the area is something to consider before making a purchase. Road maintenance and traffic flow are critical aspects of road development and could affect your decision to buy or rent that specific space.

Road development, by the local roadway project engineer, can also impact businesses in other ways, such as how much time customers spend traveling from one place to another by car, ultimately determining whether it’s worth their time to make purchases there without driving themselves back home. 

4. Businesses moving in/out or closing

Commercial properties can be affected by businesses moving in/out or closing, whether they’re moving due to changes in their business model or going out of business because of sociological factors or not making enough money.

Businesses are always trying to figure out what’s next on the horizon for them, and when they do move into new territory (whether that’s a physical location or a new market), they’ll typically leave behind a space. 


We hope that this blog post has given you some insight into the factors affecting your commercial property’s value. But, of course, properties in these areas will always face upward pressure on prices as they increase their suitability for business purposes and make them more attractive to tenants.