If a friend or a family member has made it to the big 7 0, then there should definitely be a celebration to mark the day. However, it might not be as straightforward when planning a party for a 70-year-old as it would be for maybe an 18-year-old, but never say never!

If you are looking for some special ideas for a 70th birthday party, then you have come to the right place.

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Choose A Unique Place

Choosing a unique place to mark this special occasion should definitely be considered if you want to make the event stand out and memorable in the best way.

Push the boat out, and try and find somewhere quiet too so everyone can catch up and enjoy the scenery and luxury that they have no doubt not been able to enjoy the past couple of years. It will, of course, depend on how many people are being invited to the gathering as to what venue would be suitable, but anywhere that does an outstanding cream tea is bound to be a winner.

Choose a Theme

You are never too old to dress up and have some fun, and having a themed 70th party can definitely put a twinkle in some eyes. Choose the theme wisely, and think about what the older generation would enjoy rather than what would be a good theme for young ’uns. If the gathering is not being planned as a surprise, you could talk to the special birthday person about what kind of theme they would love to see. It could be based on one of their favorite films or any fond memories they have which you could make come to life!

Choose A Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts are a great way to mark a specific special occasion, and that is exactly what a 70th birthday is! Give them something that celebrates this special milestone, and that can serve as a keepsake for a time that can never be repeated.

Choose from a selection of 70th birthday gifts to find the right present for your loved one. Everything from mugs, glasses, and photo frames are ideal gifts that your loved one will use and love.

Make It About Food

Food is often an important part of any event, and it will be no different when it comes to a 70th celebration! Why not choose something that you would not normally do to mark this special event, such as hiring out a hog roast or planning a three-course meal? You could even hire a professional chef to come and cook for everyone in the home as a real special treat! This can be a particularly good option if some guests find it hard to get around, or there are certain restrictions or concerns about being with the general public.

Whatever you choose to do for the 70th superstar, make sure it is a memorable and fun occasion for everyone involved. After all, you only turn 70 once! Be sure that they definitely make the most of it!