Summer is the favorite season for 24% of Americans. The warm weather means sunshine, time outside, and enjoying being out on the water.

But one problem many people face is figuring out a hairstyle in the summer season. A full head of loose hair around your shoulders can make you feel hot and uncomfortable, but simply tying it up gets boring.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular hot weather hairstyles you can try out in the coming summer months.

1. Always Accessorize

Accessorizing is one of the easiest ways you can create a seasonal hairstyle.

Use accessories that are particular to summer. These might be stylish sun hats for women, sunglasses, or even brightly colored ponytails.

These accessories are things you’d use to beat the heat anyway. Sun hats give you some shade, but they can also be styled to show off your best features and create a chic look.

Wearing your sunglasses on your head instead face provides an easy way to carry your sunglasses with you when you need them. But it also helps keep your hair out of your face, making you more comfortable in the summer heat.

2. Short and Sweet

Cutting your hair shorter is one of the most popular summer haircuts for women. Your hair can’t bother you as much if there’s less of it!

Popular choices are pixie cuts and bobs. These carefully styled layers of hair get your hair off your shoulders and let you feel cooler in summer.

Another common reason for this choice is that maintaining longer hair in summer gets frustrating. Shorter hair is easier to manage and makes the process of surviving summer much easier.

3. Pretty Plaits

For people who aren’t willing to cut their hair shorter, plaits are a popular option. There’s a near-endless list of different plaits and braids you can try out.

Plaits are helpful for two reasons. They reduce the feel of the amount of hair by threading it all into carefully curated strands. But they also offer beautiful styles that are interesting and elegant to look at.

4. Half Up, Half Down

Splitting the hair on your head into sections is another popular hairstyle.

Better for casual settings, this look lets you get some of the hair off your neck and shoulders. The top half of the hair is usually pulled into some kind of bun or double bun.

Beat the Heat With These Hot Weather Hairstyles

Hot weather hairstyles help you look good while surviving the ever-increasing heat.

Drastic hair changes are one of the easiest and low-maintenance options. But for those who don’t want to lose their long locks, creative use of plaits and accessories lets you find fashionable but comfortable hairstyles. The half-up, half-down look is also a popular middle ground.

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