With numerous things happening around us, being updated about current events is a must and is only part of our responsibilities as part of society. The advantage someone will have by being updated on things goes beyond being knowledgeable about different situations. It also means that someone has the time and capability to be prepared and cautious about things that might happen to their surroundings. In short, being updated means keeping oneself knowledgeable and, at the same time, safe.  

Woman reading a newspaper in a cafe

Take, for instance, the COVID-19 pandemic, where the whole world was affected. There are many things that a person should know about this phenomenon: its symptoms, how they can get and remedy this infectious disease, and what they need to do to prevent getting exposed to it. These are just some things a person should be updated with. The power of having knowledge will keep someone from being exposed to different kinds of misfortune.  

Aside from that, keeping oneself updated is not a hard thing to do. Everyone has access to different platforms that can help them keep up with what is happening in their surroundings. They can read the latest Canadian news on their phones or laptops or surf the internet to have daily updates about the weather, crimes, and important announcements in their society. That said, consider looking at the simple ways you can do to stay updated about current events:     

  1. Read Newspapers

The primary and most known way of keeping oneself updated about the current events in your surrounding is by reading a newspaper. This method has been around since the early nineteenth century. And to this day, it has consistently delivered the news in a way people can understand enough to become updated.  

Newspapers are not pricy and can be found easily on the streets. It can be considered accessible and easy to purchase. However, newspapers are not that prominent these days. There are now digital newspapers where people can read and keep themselves up to date through their smartphones or any devices. People now favor the digital one because of its convenience and handiness.    

  1. Maximize The Functions Of Social Media

People usually use social media for entertainment or business. But one could also use it to source news about anything happening around them. It is advantageous for people to use social media as an outlet for updates because of its enormous scope. With the use of social media, information can reach more people since anyone, almost all ages, utilizes it, and it is part of people’s daily lives.  

However, the downside of using social media for news updates is that people can alter and interpret the news as something else. It can lead to the spreading of fake news that other people might consider authentic. A domino effect might happen, where people will keep spreading what they see, affecting their lives in the actual setting. It might be dangerous to some, so it is vital to source your updates on reliable and trustworthy pages.  

  1. Download News Apps 

Technologies can really do so much. In olden times, news updates were only available on television, radio, and newspapers; now, there are a lot of choices people can choose from to keep up to date. There are now tons of available apps people can download on their phones as their primary source of news updates.    

CBC News, Google News, The New York Times, and BBC News are just some of the apps people can download onto their phones to keep themselves updated whenever and wherever they are. It is easy to access and very convenient, especially for those who do not have time to watch television for news and updates.  

  1. Become Observant 

Aside from the technical things people can depend on to keep themselves well-informed, one can also observe and listen to their surroundings to be updated. 

For instance, in a campus setting, news and updates about different events are usually delivered to a person by another person. By becoming attentive to your surroundings, one can tell if there’s an upcoming event or if it is just a simple campus day for everyone. Being observant will keep the person aware of what is happening and what could happen in the next few days.  


Keeping oneself updated about current events is beneficial and advantageous. As we all know, becoming knowledgeable is better than being clueless or ignorant about the surroundings. And you can stay updated on current events by using newspapers, social media, and apps and by observing. There’s no harm in ensuring what is happening around you. This way, you can prepare earlier and avoid unnecessary situations that might harm you.