Most people’s lives are connected to the internet. There is always content ready to be consumed, and there are content creators who enjoy their passion and profit from it. But you can make the most of it as well through blog posting.

You may have already been familiar with blog posting back in the 2000s, mostly personal anecdotes, fandoms, opinions on trends, news, or certain topics. But now, blog posting is not just big on personal entries but also in digital marketing and lifestyle blogs for targeted audiences.

Blog posts are still used in marketing strategies because they’re effective at increasing web traffic. Generally, blogging has been part of brands’ strategies since algorithms on search engines began to pick up blogs as an SEO factor, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

1. Increase Your SEO Rankings

Search engines like Google have managed to make algorithms to rank which websites will be placed first on their search engine page (SERP). Now, it has changed how keywords and contents are optimized in a website to rank higher on the search engine page. 

Basically, users tend to click and visit websites on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd rank, which means they get more traffic. In fact, the latest data from Australian Agency Safari Digital found that websites that appear on page 2 onwards of Google receive less than 1% of total clicks. The algorithm will decide who gets higher rankings across thousands or millions of websites with similar content or brand. 

Paid campaigns also affect SEO rankings, but the algorithm focuses more on the quality of the content of the blog posts. Keywords are also optimized or added to the blog post, especially if the keywords are the most searched and relevant to the users. It can also drive particular leads since it’s what they’re already looking for.

2. Your Web Traffic Can Become Leads

As you increase your web traffic, these audiences can become your leads. Additionally, these leads can be converted to customers. You need to set goals for increasing your leads being converted into customers and an effective marketing strategy. 

Most companies consult and get services from an SEO agency, as they cater mainly to SEO keyword research and copywriting. 

But here are some of the usual strategies used to attract leads:

  • Giving away freebies, deals, free shipping, or discounts
  • Having a call-to-action such as signing them up for email newsletters and updates
  • Choose which ad campaign will get to have landing pages where leads can try the service or the product

3. Long-term Results

Blog posts are entries that can be on the internet for a long time. Most contents are about the product, services, or what the users would want to know relating to the business. You can always update the blog posts or their internal and external links, or repurpose them by making infographics, videos, and other media.

If your content is relevant to the users, it will continuously drive traffic to your website, especially if they have higher ranks and quality. You can also make pillar posts where your other blog posts and external links are used within the content. This helps the algorithm for SEO rankings, and your audience navigates your other blog posts.

4. Contents For Your Social Media

Your social media platforms can help connect to a bigger audience because of the millions of users already using the platforms. This can help drive traffic to your website by sharing your blog posts on these platforms. 

Here you can repurpose, as was said earlier, those blog posts into infographics or videos, especially if the platforms heavily rely on such kinds of media for content.


Your business has many advantages if you know your way into the internet world. You have to set goals and see where your strategies will take you. Agencies and content creators can guide you through the workarounds of digital marketing. Better yet, understand your leads and customers’ preferences and purchasing patterns.