Attaching a blog to your website is a great way to attract more viewers and potentially convert them into customers. Blogs are a cornerstone of content marketing strategy, but you need blog writers to make it come to life. If you’re a small business owner and you’re trying to blog in your free time, odds are you’ll come up short. You have a business to run. Leave the blog to the professionals: Hire ghost bloggers.

1. Faster Hiring

Hiring a writer is no easy task. This may seem hard to believe since you can go online and find an abundance of people looking for freelance writing work. However, there are far too many amateur writers and not nearly enough quality ones. Everyone who managed not to fail high school knows how to write, but very few people know how to write well. There’s a disconnect between what people think they can do and what they actually deliver.  

Rather than wade through the sea of low-quality writers, reach out to an agency that has already found the best. We have acquired an excellent team of bloggers, many of whom have already succeeded independently, and look to ghostwriting to earn some extra income on the side. You can have a whole team of quality writers ready with one phone call.

2. Get It Right the First Time

When it comes to your blog, you want to set it and forget it. Ideally, you’d have a list of keywords or titles you want to focus on, and your blogger would knock those out one at a time without any issues.

When you try to write yourself or use an in-house writer, however, it takes a while for them to figure out exactly what you want. You’ll likely need to revise their work for some time until they’ve dialed in the exact style and tone you’re looking for. With experienced agency bloggers, all you have to do is give instructions and you get what you want. The majority of our articles are approved on the first try, which saves you time.

3. Experienced Bloggers Know SEO

A beautiful poem may be able to evoke emotion, but can it rank high on a search engine? SEO is an integral part of blogging, yet it’s often overlooked. Many great writers are completely unaware of SEO techniques because they’ve focused solely on their writing abilities. You may find a writer that perfectly suits your business, only to find their posts rarely make it onto the first page of search results.

We constantly stay on top of the latest SEO trends and ensure our writers follow SEO best practices to produce the best results for your blog.

4. A Blogger Is Always Available

One of the best parts of working with an agency is that you always have someone available. Your dedicated freelancer or in-house writer will take vacations or get sick at some point. With ghostwriters, you’ve always got someone on the bench ready to step up and handle your work.

Use ghost bloggers to increase your website’s visibility. Save yourself time and money by skipping the complex hiring and onboarding process, and get the content you need now.