Becoming a parent is probably one of the most significant moments in a couple’s life. In many cases, this time of bliss gets affected by the sad news of a birth injury in the newborn baby. It could be due to a natural congenital disorder or damage caused during labor or at the time of delivery. If it is proved that the carelessness of the on-duty doctor or any other medical professional caused the birth injury, filing a lawsuit becomes an important step in getting a settlement. If you are looking for a Family Lawyer in Barrie, check out Barrie Family Lawyer at KorhaniLaw.

Like other professionals, nurses and medical staff can also make mistakes. However, the cost of a mistake made in a hospital is much higher than losses incurred due to a lost account or a missed deadline. Errors in a hospital may lead to physical disability or cost a life of a human being; therefore, the repercussions are also significant. The doctors and nurses must take care of the patients and their families and follow all the required protocols and guidelines when offering treatment. Suppose injuries happen for reasons that could or should have been avoided, such as failing to meet adequate medical standards. In that case, a birth injury lawyer must be contacted to hold the doctors or nurses accountable for their negligence. Following are a few reasons for contacting a birth injury lawyer. 

  1. Lawyers Help You Identify The Presence Of A Legit Claim

Contacting a birth injury lawyer is vital in treating a birth injury. Giving birth to a baby is a complex process, so the presence of minor injuries such as bruises or issues with the umbilical cord is pretty regular and often not preventable. But others issues are more severe, resulting from direct negligence by the medical team; an example includes the absence of oxygen for the child leading to more complicated matters. 

As a parent, you might be so baffled and stressed by the news of a birth injury in your child that you might not think about the legal side of the issue. You may brush aside the thought of medical negligence, assuming that your child had the problem before the birth. A doctor may also try to pose medical negligence as a congenital disability in some instances. However, your birth injury lawyer would determine the situation by investigating circumstances and the procedures followed during the birth and delivery process and tell you if it happened due to medical negligence or an unfortunate event befalling you.

  1. Helps You Understand The Monetary Worth Of Your Claim

Knowing that you are entitled to a claim does not mean that you are aware of the value of the suit too.  Your lawyer will help you gauge the value of your damage. This may seem like an easy job, but in reality, it is a detailed and time-consuming process because the other party often doesn’t agree with the claim you make. 

Today, lawyers calculate the compensation based on the financial cost of a birth injury, including the treatment and medication. They also factor in the pain and suffering of the baby and its parents. Your lawyer may calculate the actual cost of the claim based on expenses such as the potential counseling costs, current, and future medical costs, in-house medical fees, the loss of an opportunity to lead an everyday life, loss of work for taking care of the baby, to name a few.

  1. You Can Share The Burden With Your Lawyer

Taking care of a child with a birth injury is stressful and time-consuming. With all the stress about going to the doctor, choosing the proper treatment, you might not be able to focus on your work. Hence, you might lose your job or fail to focus on your business. By hiring a birth injury lawyer, you can share your burden by letting them take care of financial issues, file the right compensation claims and get some relief from all the stress. While your lawyer takes care of the financial recovery of your case, you can concentrate on the medical recovery of your child with a little less stress. 

  1. Your Position Will Strengthen In Front Of An Insurance Company

The insurance company won’t show a willingness to pay a reasonable amount for compensation until they see a probability of losing the lawsuit. Going with a lawyer who has all the information about the medical negligence claims with all the costs calculated may improve your position and the weight of your claim before the insurance company. 

Knowing about your child’s birth injury is a traumatizing time of one’s life. However, there is a lot that a family needs to do apart from taking care of their baby, and contacting a birth injury lawyer is one of the many actions that need attention. A birth injury lawyer can help the family determine the need for a claim by investigating the circumstances surrounding the birth and delivery, skillfully calculating the expenses associated with the child’s birth injury, and calculating the right compensation claim.