The Bohemian style emerged as a fashion trend in the 1950s. It has since evolved into something much more: a culture of its own.

Today, Boho clothes and accessories are everywhere, worn by people with excellent fashion sense and the uncanny ability to put brilliant pieces together.

Beyond making you look good, going Boho can be liberating. You can look funky yet stylish. Below are more reasons to try Boho fashion and embrace the lifestyle.

Anyone Can Pull Off the Boho Look

Perhaps the biggest draw of Boho fashion is that it will make anyone look good. You can choose from an infinite selection of clothes and add your flair by accessorising.

If you have some vintage jewellery at home, going Boho is one of the few times you get to wear them without feeling weird about it.

It Allows You to Add Layering

Layering is one of the brilliant ways to indulge your passion for fashion regardless of the season. If you are one among the many people who love adding layers to their attires, Boho clothes will give you many opportunities to do this.

Bohemian fashion gives you total freedom when it comes to layering. It does not matter whether you are wearing a lengthy or a sleeveless top. You can easily layer it over shorts and a tank top with neutral colours.

Another way that you can layer with Boho fashion is with jewellery. You can wear several necklaces or bracelets of different sizes. You can also wear more than one ring on a finger. You are only limited by your imagination if you choose to go Boho.

You Can Mix and Match All Colors

Most people are hesitant about trying out too much colour, anxious that they might end up with something too loud or too bold. This would not be a problem with Boho fashion.

If you go Bohemian, you can mix several colours and yet remain tasteful.  There is no such thing as too much colour with Boho clothes.

You Have a Wide Range of Head Gear to Choose From 

If you like wearing headgear, this is another reason why Boho fashion is for you. You have a lot of options to choose from, from Bandannas to scarves to headbands.

Aside from having many headgear options, you can also do a lot with your hair if you go with this look. It gives you the chance to try out new hairstyles and discover new ways to look good.

It is Very Comfortable

To look good, it is important that you feel good too. And this is precisely what Boho fashion is all about. At the heart of a Bohemian lifestyle are comfort and freedom.

You can go with long skirts, harem pants, flowing gowns, or maxi dresses. Whatever style you end up choosing, you can find the level of comfort that you want.

It Lets You Express Yourself

Another reason why Boho clothing is very popular is that it allows you to express your taste. There are no fashion rules to prevent you from trying out what you have been eager to wear since forever. From the style to the colour combinations, the sky is the limit if you go Boho!