A managed IT (Information Technology) service provider is a third-party entity whose main purpose is to handle a company’s IT operations. Different businesses in Australia and beyond resort to this move for various reasons, such as reducing operating costs and improving business focus.   

If you’re an Aussie entrepreneur, it’s in the best of your organization’s interests to look into hiring a managed IT service provider to meet your IT needs. Nonetheless, you need to partner with a reliable third-party entity because they’ll manage and deal with your firm’s IT infrastructure. 

To find the best managed IT service provider, you must field different candidate companies by asking them different questions. Their answers will help you pick the most outstanding managed IT service provider to deliver top-notch services and results to your business. 

Check out the questions you can ask an IT company representative you’re meeting:

  1. What IT Services Do You Offer

A managed IT service provider can offer many services to your business. Before hiring, it’s best to know what they offer and don’t. It allows you to determine whether you’re getting value for your money. Based on your needs, you’ll also know if they’re your best choice. 

Common services you’ll likely get are IT consulting, system upgrades and maintenance, security, and backup services. 

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) details the services you’ll get. Ask your chosen provider to show you this.

It’d help to list your business needs that require the services of the managed IT provider. Use this list and compare it to the provider’s SLA. The ideal remote IT support services in Melbourne should meet all your needs without compromise.

  1. Do You Have The Resources To Meet IT Demands

Aim to work with a managed IT service provider equipped with enough resources to enable them to deliver their promise of top-notch service to your company.

Check two key aspects of a managed IT service provider’s resources: technology tools and human resources.  

Concerning technology, the provider should have the latest tools, programs, and others in the IT industry. Be sure to inquire about a managed IT service provider’s current device offering and the like, along with how their technology resources can help meet your business IT demands.

Regarding their personnel, you want to ensure they’re adequately trained to deal with different IT-related concerns, such as maintenance but aren’t limited to handling server downtimes, controlling cybersecurity breaches, and so on. Further, ask how large the managed IT service company’s team is to gauge if they’ve got enough workforce to handle possible growth in demand. Lastly, look at the company’s different IT training certifications and seminars to verify their expertise in IT management. 

  1. What Is/Are The Price(s) For Your Services

How much a managed IT service provider charges allows you to determine if you can afford them. 

Before you ask about a managed IT company’s service package prices, have a budget you can work with. It’ll guide you in making financial decisions, such as the maximum amount you can spend on managed IT services. 

With the budget in place, proceed to request quotes from several providers. Getting multiple quotes from different managed IT service companies allows you to compare each to find the most affordable option that works well with your budget. 

  1. What Is Your Company’s Availability In Dealing With IT Emergencies

IT-related issues can happen anytime as you use technology in your business. Emergencies can take place in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Hence, it’d be best to find out the availability of the managed IT service provider you’ll be working with. 

To determine the managed IT service company’s availability, you need to look into two aspects. These are the third party’s working hours and location. 

Inquire about the managed IT company’s working hours and schedule. Ask if they strictly do the usual 8 AM to 5 PM weekday schedule. Also, check if they offer after-business hours support i.e., customer support during off-business hours like the evenings, along with the weekends and holidays.

Next, check the managed IT service provider’s ability to perform in-place IT services. Search for their office locations. Then, quiz the company on how long their team will take to reach your business premises in case of an in place IT emergency that needs to be handled.  


Managed IT service providers are helpful additions to businesses worldwide that Aussie entrepreneurs or managers like you should consider looking into. 

When combing through different managed IT service companies to pick the best choice for your IT needs, it’s best to meet with each representative to ask them a few questions. This is to know them better and find out more about what they can bring to the table. Check out the sample questions above that you can use to vet multiple managed IT service providers near you.