This article will provide you with vital information to help you understand 4 Pinay Trending Names 2023.

Did you see the viral video featuring 4 Pinay girls You want to find out which platform the viral video was uploaded? You need to see the viral video.

Due to their viral video on social media, 4 Pinay girls are trending around the world. Many people have searched the internet to find out all about the 4 Pinay Trending 2023 names. Continue reading to the end of this article for more information.

Names for 4 Pinay Girls:

We don’t know the names of the four Pinay. However, sources claim that Jaboltv Girls claimed to have posted a viral video on January 4th. One of them was a GAP girl who was wearing a GAP shirt.

We will not reveal the names of these girls, but we will keep you updated through this site.

What kind of viral video was it?

In January, a video featuring four Filipino girls became viral on social media. The video showed the girls exposing their upper bodies, one at a time, while lowering their tshirts in front of a camera. These 4 Pinays could be close friends or sisters.

Is it Went Viral Full Link on TWITTER ?

Twitter has banned full video links on social media platforms. Sources say that 4 Pinays’ followers shared the video with their friends, making it viral on Instagram.

4 videos with length:

The video is approximately three minutes long. It has been divided into two parts. The viral video was watched by most viewers for 1.46 minutes. The other part was removed before it became viral. Many people started looking for the second part of this viral video on other platforms such as TiKTOK .

Is there a website that provides a complete viral video?

Twitter officials have removed the original video because it has been shared so many times that our team searched several websites to find the video. They are merely faking viral videos.

Is YOUTUBE a viral video?

This video is a 0.9 second long. It shows a girl in a white T-shirt that says GAP, trying to show her upper body. Other girls can be seen laughing and enjoying the moment. Many viewers tried downloading the video from Telegram after watching this video.

Social Media Links:


A group consisting of jaboltv girls uploaded 18+ content to social media. Users shared the video on Reddit as well as other accounts. The names of the 4 Pinay are still unknown.