Walt Disney World has 58 million guests every year, and that’s just one of the Disney parks. Globally, many more people get to experience the magic of Disney at their own nearby parks.

Many Disney fans experience the magic of Disney parks at least once per year, or at least as often as possible. Do you consider yourself a super Disney fan?

We’re here to talk about a few fun facts about Disney parks only serious fans know. Read on to learn more.

1. There’s a Secret Suite in Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella’s castle is one of the main focal points of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It’s been a key symbol of Disney ever since the animated Cinderella movie first came out. This beautiful castle is in Florida’s Walt Disney World amusement park and Tokyo Disneyland.

At least in the Disney World theme park, this castle hides a secret.

There’s a special suite inside reserved for VIP guests. You can’t buy your way in, however. It’s invitation-only for Disney VIPs and prizewinners.

You can take a tour of it during the day, but only people with special invitations are able to stay overnight.

2. There Are Countless “Hidden Mickeys”

There are well over a thousand hidden Mickeys in Disney world. If you’re determined to find them all, you may want to start checking out DVC listings so you can go to Disney World more often. Finding every hidden Mickey Mouse is a time-consuming task!

Hidden Mickeys can be anywhere. There are hidden Mickey imprints in concrete, iron hidden Mickey’s in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and so much more.

Next time you’re in Disney World, challenge yourself to find as many as possible.

3. All U.S. Flags in Disney Are Fake

This one will shock some people. All of the flags in the Disney World theme park are fake! But why?

According to the flag code, flags have to be illuminated at night and they need to be indoors in bad weather. They also have to be put at half-mast in certain situations.

Doing this would make Disney World too “real” and break its fantasy. Instead, Disney World uses fake flags that have different numbers of stars and stripes so they can get around those pesky codes.

4. All Costumed Cast Members Do Signature Training

Have you ever gotten a signature from a “face character” at Disney World? Have you noticed that the signatures look almost identical, even if you know that the actor is likely different?

When a cast member takes on a role as a character, they have to go through serious training. Part of that training includes writing a perfect signature, even if they’re in a fur suit.

No matter how many times you get Mickey’s signature, it should always look almost the same.

Disney Fans Know These Facts

All real Disney fans already knew these facts about the Disney parks. Did you? If not, keep them in mind next time you’re in Disney World. You can see for yourself!

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