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In recent years, our approach to higher education and career paths has taken a turn. Previously, the degrees students would normally go for were pretty limited. Doctors, teachers, and engineers were some of the most popular – and predictable – options that students would consider. Nowadays, students recognize the significance of challenging their talents in their work. While creative streaks were previously stifled, they are now seen as instrumental in helping you actualize your potential.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about creative fields not being lucrative enough to allow you to lead a comfortable lifestyle. There are several competitive, creative fields you can pursue, depending on your interests, without ever having to worry about money. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading below for the most lucrative creative fields to pursue. 

Urban education 

If you’re interested in education but don’t want to pursue traditional lines, urban education is an excellent field. Urban education is a field that focuses on a specialization in language. It allows you to use your love for words to inspire student growth. It also allows you to learn from renowned writers and thinkers while enabling students to build a deep-seated appreciation for history and arts. 

What makes this degree program even more enticing is that you can easily complete it online at a flexible schedule. However, the online teaching method doesn’t mean that the degree is any less intensive. You can expect to explore deep topics such as school laws, curriculum development, scholarly research, and the cultural influence of language. By pursuing an MA in Urban Education program, you’ll learn to execute culturally relevant and diverse teaching strategies. Furthermore, this program allows you to develop educational curriculums tailored to modern urban settings. 


Architecture is inarguably one of the oldest professions to date. The historical monuments we all revere globally are all marvels of an architect’s vision. What you create as an architect is thus more than an idea or structure but a monument that’ll stand the test of time. Just like any other art, architecture has its movements. 

As an architect, you can work in a range of fields. If you venture into the private sector, you can help design houses, restaurants, museums, offices, and more. You can thus work with your clients and translate their vision into a reality. Architects can also work in urban planning to help design more sustainable, eco-friendly, cleaner living spaces. Restoration architecture is yet another popular and lucrative field where you can work on restoring historical monuments to their original grandeur. Interior design is yet another popular and lucrative category in architecture and can let you design tasteful, classy interiors in the public or private sector. 


The clothes you see on the top runways in Paris, Milan, Seoul, and Hong Kong aren’t just crafted on a whim. They’re inspired by centuries of history and art and draw on various historical, literary, and film influences. Additionally, although fashion is often perceived as a simple career path, it’s anything but that. Fashion requires a detailed understanding of fabrics, cuts, tailoring, and design to create a garment that is flattering and makes a statement. 

Fashion studies can help you understand all of these design aspects and more. They can help you translate your vision into a reality and keep up with the changing times. Apart from being immensely creative, fashion can be an incredibly lucrative career. From working at some of the biggest fashion houses to launching your brand, there’s nothing you can’t do as a fashion designer. Suppose you wish to stay in the limelight and make your mark in an incredibly diverse, ever-expanding field. In that case, fashion studies can be an excellent option to pursue. 


Although you may not imagine it, advertising can be an incredibly creative and lucrative educational field to follow. Advertisement is vital to virtually every industry and allows companies to reach out to their target clients and retain them as customers. It may sound dull, but advertisement requires exceptional creativity in analyzing client shopping patterns and designing eye-catching campaigns. 

As an advertisement professional, you need to be incredibly quick on your feet and keep up with changing times and technologies. It involves staying updated on trends, establishing a positive brand image, and ensuring clients never forget about your brand. Roles in advertisement can include scriptwriting, designing ad campaigns, research, client-servicing, and editing. In this field, you’ll need to have a good eye for recognizing and designing catchy imagery, slogans, jingles, and more. This field is incredibly lucrative because advertising professionals are vital for literally every industry. You can thus work with corporate houses, advertising firms, media firms, and more. 


When working in any of these fields, your creativity and innovation skills will be your biggest asset. Your ability to think differently and envision something greater can bring you immensely lucrative opportunities. Furthermore, following a career in something you’re passionate about can automatically allow you to work to the best of your capabilities. So, explore the above options and land your dream career.