Moving to Europe is tough, despite what the other people tell you, but you can’t move to Europe directly as an ‘American’. If you are seeking to move to Europe, the success rate certainly depends upon your age, education, work, and the money you have in your bank accounts and wallet. In almost every European country, you will be required to get a student or a work visa if you plan to stay longer than the period of three months. Here are some legal ways and tips before you opt to move to Europe:

  1. Get the visa you require
  • Arrange all the documents you will be needing. 

At any circumstance, you will be needed to show: a valid passport as long as two months after your date of return, a school enrollment certificate or an offer letter of your workspace, your residential address where you will remain in the new country, and bank statement of last three months to ensure your financial stability 

  • Get your application for European Citizenship by descent

Out of all the countries of Europe, 44 allows US citizens to step on their land with ease. Italy and Ireland also grant US citizens citizenship of their country by ‘blood right descent’. Luckily if you have any one of your blood relationships who was a European, you get eligible for citizenship by descent. This is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Europe if your ancestry allows you to.

  • The Irish Working Visa

Despite how hard it may look to get a long period visa, it is easy if you are applying for an Ireland visa. If you are a college student or someone who has recently graduated, you can get to work in Ireland for a whole year with their working holiday visa. Furthermore, an Irish employer can also sponsor your work visa after your holiday visa expires.

  • German freelance visa
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If you are a freelancer who is seeking to get into Germany for more than 180 days, this might help you a lot. If you can prove that companies in Germany need you due to your freelancing skills and career, you can qualify for the German freelance visa. The major benefit of this visa is that it can be renewed for up to three years, and you can also convert this into a self-employment visa later and remain in Germany for as many as days you want. 

  • German job seeker visa

Having a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a work experience of 5 years can open the doors of Germany for you with their German job seeker visa. This allows you to get a visa with an extension of 6 months, before which you have to find a job to get qualified for being granted the Work visa.

  • Student visa

Recollect that a Student visa doesn’t really qualify you for work in Europe. You ought to get some information about the individual laws in their countries. The EU Blue Card is conceded to a couple of exceptionally specific people.

  1. Store your personal belongings or hire an international moving service

The storage facilities in some of the US states cost as much as $60 per month. This could lead to a huge loss for your pockets eventually but is a perfect option if you are not taking your belongings to another country.

But if you choose to take all your belongings all the way to your dream country, then we recommend you to hire an international moving service almost 3 months before your move so that you can get the perfect and most affordable package to take your belongings with your while moving to Europe from the US.

  1. Get your driving license updated
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Though some of the European countries accept the driving licenses of US states, if would be better if you update your driving license with a new one of that specific country. In Germany and Spain, you will be required to have a valid ‘international’ driving license before you take your vehicles on the road. Such licenses are only granted in some of the states in the US, so be sure to check your driving license before your move, and if it’s not an international driving license, update it with a new one as soon as possible.

  1. The electrical plug adapters are important

Might sound crazy but the fact is Europe runs on 220 volts while America runs on 110. So it is best for you to be sure that your adapters can deal with such an amount of power. Every country has its own electrical usage, and some even have only 3 pin plugs and sockets so make sure your backpack has something which can deal with it.


That’s all, these are some of the key things you must remember if you are planning to move to Europe from the US.


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