Building your own beverage kiosk brand may seem like an atypical project, but more and more entrepreneurs are taking the risk. But the environment is very competitive, so your project must be clear, precise, and carefully considered for its implementation. We explain how by deciphering the 4 main steps to creating your beverage kiosk brand here.

1. Market research: an essential prerequisite

No matter what field you wish to pursue, market research is essential and divided into several stages. We have listed the specialities specific to creating a beverage kiosk brand for each one.

Requested Research

Your first task in market research is needs analysis.

You must determine the profile of your future customers, quantify their numbers, and determine their consumption habits and their expectations of the beverage kiosk brand:

  • People who drink like you: age, gender, socio-occupational category, family size, etc.
  • How often, where and when to drink: at a coffee shop with friends, tea with kids, at home, etc.?
  • What are the criteria that influence purchasing decisions: taste, price, festive aspects, health aspects, etc.?
  • Who buys: The person who consumes, the parent of the child, the person who gives the gift, etc.

Quote Research

Then, you will have to inform yourself about the market conditions you coveted. The idea is to identify your competitors (direct and indirect) and ask yourself the pros and cons they offer.

Specifically, the beverage kiosk market is an extremely broad field. While large industrial groups benefit from a quasi-monopoly on non-alcoholic beverage kiosks, more and more smaller companies are getting into spirits manufacturing (for example, many French gins have emerged over the past 15 years). Likewise, local or organic juice drinks are on the rise.

In short, you have to consider all this data to reflect your position in the market and develop potential niche industries.

  • The question to ask yourself here is:
  • Who are my competitors?
  • How deep is their scope?
  • What is their pricing strategy?
  • Where are their beverage kiosks produced?
  • Where are they sold?
  • What store fixtures do i need?

Regulatory research

Another important step (not the most interesting) of beverage kiosk brand market research: regulatory research.

It is important to read all legal texts and other announcements about the industry you are about to start in. Also remember to learn about collective agreements or compulsory insurance.

For example, if you want to create your own liquor brand, you should know that the sugar content in this drink is limited. Also note that the rules for labelling beverage kiosks are very strict.

2. The choice of legal status: a critical moment in the creation of a beverage kiosk brand

As a beverage kiosk brand creator, you can choose any legal status.

It is difficult to advise you on more than one, as the choice of the ideal state will depend on the specific characteristics of your project (number of partners, required tax and social security systems, etc.) and your development prospects (expected turnover, possible fundraising, etc.).

Having said that, a sole proprietorship is usually an unwise choice because in this case: the company and its managers form a single legal person. This means that in the event of financial hardship, your personal assets can be pledged to pay off business debts.

To benefit from limited liability, you can choose one of the following forms of capital company: EURL, SARL, SAS(U). If you are multiple partners, SARL and SAS are interesting options.

You can browse the different options available to choose the status that best suits your project. Do not hesitate to seek help from a lawyer so that you can make your choice with complete confidence.

3. Develop a premium business plan for your beverage kiosk brand

Now comes the critical step: realizing the business plan.

A business plan for your beverage kiosk brand will allow you to assess financing needs and potential profitability of the project. It will then serve as a reference document to present the project to banks and potential investors when seeking financing. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to its implementation.

Graphically, a beverage kiosk brand business plan consists of two main parts:

  • Written section to explain your concept, introduce your team, and detail the operational and strategic aspects of the project
  • Financial projections designed to highlight financing needs and demonstrate the financial viability of the project

When developing a business plan for your beverage kiosk brand, we recommend that you pay special attention to the following:

  • An executive summary of your business plan. You are entering a competitive industry and you must demonstrate the added value of your project and your qualities as a business leader to encourage readers (banks, investors) to read the rest of your plan.
  • Presentation of market research results and business strategies. Indeed, as we said above, the beverage kiosk market is dominated by big groups: so you have to find a raw angle to be successful.
  • Carefully analyze your personnel and equipment needs. For example, the manufacture of beverage kiosks requires specific skills and therefore requires qualified personnel.
  • Importance of working capital requirements to cash: storage policies and payment terms granted by suppliers and customers (especially if you work with large retailers)

4. What funds are needed to create a beverage kiosk brand?

The last critical step in creating a beverage kiosk brand: finding funding.

Your startup project can be funded in a number of ways. Among them we find:

  • Your own funds: personal donations are essential to convince other financial partners to follow you on the adventure
  • Private investors: business angels, family, friends
  • Bank Loans: Even though it’s not always easy to get when starting a business, a loan can be an interesting way to finance the purchase of some equipment and inventory
  • Crowdfunding: Launching a fundraising campaign can be a great way to raise money and promote your brand before it launches
  • Entrepreneurship assistance: for young people, disabled people, job seekers, etc.

Whatever financing method you choose, make sure you meet the criteria needed to get it, and most importantly, come up with a solid project with realistic ambitions.

Our article is coming to an end, and we hope it has given you a better understanding of how to create a beverage kiosk brand. As you can see, the world of manufacturers, distributors, beverage kiosk exporters, while still closed, is not inaccessible… It is important to consider your project carefully and patiently.