There’s nothing quite like the excitement of retiling within your home. Whether you’re revamping the kitchen or giving your bathroom a full upgrade, there’s no denying that sleek new tiles bring instantly noticeable change, modernising our homes in one simple step.

But due to the set quantities that tiles are typically sold within, there can often be leftover tiles at the end of a project.

But the question is, what do you do with them? Take them to the skip? Store them in the garage where they’ll sit in a corner collecting dust forever more?

We have a few better ideas for you.

In this article, we share 4 innovative ways to use leftover tiles.

Make artwork 

Making art out of your leftover tiles is the first idea we have to share with you. Tiles provide beautiful texture in any room. You could smash them up and frame the pieces, creating an intricate mosaic, or you could create an abstract painting by adding splashes of bold colour over them using acrylic ceramic paint. Both of these are easy, hassle-free ways to repurpose your tiles.

Make a garden path

Speaking of mosaics, this could work equally as well for a small garden path – depending on how many space tiles you have to work with. Having an artistic pathway would make the perfect interlude from your house to your garden space, adding an eye-catching feature that is entirely unique to your home. All you need to get started is some strong floor tile adhesive to secure your path, keeping it in place throughout varying weather conditions.

Tiled plant pot

Sticking with the garden theme, if you only have one or two tiles to work with, you’ll need to choose something small to tile. A tiled plant pot is perfect for this, adding an interesting, bespoke piece to your home that has a story behind it that you can retell for years to come. These are the sorts of items that become much more personal and meaningful because you handcrafted them yourself.

Tiled table top

If you want a slightly bigger project for your spare tiles, producing a tiled table top is a great idea. Dependent on the side of your table, this may require a little more time and elbow grease, but should result in a sleek statement piece when you’re finished! Be sure to roughly work out if you have enough tiles to cover the surface area before you embark on this DIY project so that you don’t run out of tiles mid-way through. If a full dining or coffee table feels too overpowering for the room, why not opt for two matching side tables instead? A matching pair is a perfect way to tie the pieces into the rest of the room, giving smaller splashes of colour and texture.