Organizing your closet requires you to invest in certain items, such as coat hangers. These hangers won’t only offer you additional storage. In addition, they’ll also keep your clothes wrinkle-free. However, for you to enjoy all the benefits that come with using these hangers, you need to select the right products.

Choosing the right hangers requires you to put a couple of factors into consideration. But what exactly are these factors? As you read on, you’ll discover everything you need to know about how to choose affordable coat hangers from Valentinos.

Factors to consider when shopping for suitable coat hangers

Today, the use of coat hangers comes with tons of benefits. First, these hangers make it easy and quick for you to access your clothes in a specific area in your closet. Apart from that, they are also effective in keeping clothes wrinkle-free and dry.

To achieve the best results, consider the following factors before choosing suitable hangers for your clothes. 

1. Durability

When shopping for suitable hangers for your home use, one of the few factors you need to consider is the durability of the product. But why exactly should you consider this factor?

Today, there are many different types of hangers out there. The most common ones are plastic hangers, wooden hangers, wire hangers, and heavy-duty metal hangers. Of all these items, the wire hangers are the least durable products.

Wire hangers don’t last long as they tend to tear down quickly if used with heavy clothing. To avoid this issue, you need to opt for durable and cheap wooden hangers, metallic types, or hard-wearing plastic products.

2. Size

The size of the hangers matter if you have a strong interest in organizing your closet and saving a lot of space. In this case, all you need is to opt for products with a slim profile. However, if what you’re looking to store in your closet are heavy winter coats, you should go for large-sized hangers.

3. Design

Another key factor you need to keep in mind when shopping for the right hangers is “design”. The right hangers don’t necessarily need to be fancier. Instead, they need to provide you with the much-needed convenience to use them in your wardrobe.

To avoid twisting and turning your hangers every time, it’s always advisable that you opt for a durable coat hanger with a swivel hook.

4. Accessories 

Hangers are never created the same way. Unlike in the past, many manufacturers now design their products with additional accessories, such as clips and velvet covers. These accessories will provide you with multiple ways to use the hangers to achieve an organized wardrobe.

Where to buy coat hangers?

Finding coat hangers is not a big problem, as many stores sell these products around us. The issue is getting to purchase durable and high-quality items. Valentinos is one of the few online platforms you can visit to get top-notch coat hangers. Interestingly, this platform has different products, including cheap wooden hangers, plastic hangers, metal hangers, and even wire hangers.