Do you still make use of an old hot water system for your home? If yes, you need to understand that you may be losing a lot of money by waiting to install a modern water heater system. According to energy experts, the energy efficiency of old water heaters is pretty much less than those of new or modern systems. There are two reasons for this conclusion. First, as water heaters age, they tend to have reduced energy efficiency. Besides, another reason is that standards are pretty high today compared to years back. These reasons explain why it’s important to install a hot water heater today.

Modern home water heaters offer tons of amazing features and specs. Before going ahead to install a hot water heater for your home, you need to consider a couple of factors. As you read further, you’ll discover these factors, including how to hire the right company, such as Daniel Plumbing And Maintenance, for the installation process.

Factors to consider when trying to install a new water heater

Today, the importance of having the right hot water heating system in your home can’t be overstressed. If you install a hot water heater at home, you won’t only have enough hot water for your shower. In addition, you’ll also avoid water damage and achieve reduced energy consumption. However, before proceeding with the installation process, you need to put these factors into consideration:

1.   Types of water heater

One of the most important factors to consider when installing a new water heater is the “type of the system.” You need to research and understand exactly the best type of hot water heater to use for your home.

Currently, water heating systems are available in two major kinds; tankless and tank heaters. Both heating systems have their strengths and weaknesses. That said, you need to weigh the two options and understand which of them is better for you.

2.   Energy efficiency

Another important factor to consider before you go ahead to install a hot water heater at home is the product’s energy efficiency. As earlier mentioned, older heating systems tend to have lesser energy efficiency than newer models. If you’re choosing between the tank and tankless models, then the latter is more efficient in terms of energy consumption. That’s so because it has about a 96 percent efficiency rate.

3.   Installation challenges

As you now know, tankless water heating systems are more efficient and easy to install. However, if the old water heater you have at home is a tank system, you’ll most likely encounter a couple of challenges when installing a new tankless water heating system. One issue you’ll likely face has a lot to do with upgrading the water pipe system, making it suitable for the new heater. In this case, you need to speak with a professional plumbing company.

4.   Finding the right professional

You must choose the right company for your water heater installation. The right company needs to have insurance and a license to offer various water system installation services. One of the best companies you can rely on to install a hot water heater at your home is Daniel Plumbing And Maintenance.

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