Are you looking to increase your Google rankings? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because in this post, I’ll be revealing 4 epic on page SEO tips you can implement for free.

Internally link through the sidebar and footer

Internal links are important for SEO, internal linking is perhaps the most overlooked method of increasing rankings. I don’t know why but I’m going to assume it’s because people don’t understand the power behind them.

A single internal link doesn’t have a massive impact on your rankings unless it’s coming from a page with lots of authority. There has to be a large number of links pointing to pages in order to increase rankings, along with the pages being relevant.

This is where sidebar and footer links come in. You can easily create a large number of links to pages you want to rank in mere moments. Come up with 10 pages you want to rank and add 5 of those links in your sidebar and the other 5 in your footer.

I would recommend the anchor text for each link being a partial match. For example, your target keyword is “Best protein powders for skinny guys”. Your anchor text could be, “Check out these top 10 protein powders for skinny guys”.

This is because you don’t want to have too many exact match anchor links. It’s better to be a little under optimised than over optimised.

Add internal links to the menu

If you haven’t read the above, then do so now. Adding internal links to the menu is following the same strategy as adding links to the footer and sidebar. It’s an easy way to get a large burst of links to your most important pages.

Don’t add lots of links to your menu, you still need to keep the user experience in mind. Having a huge menu can be overwhelming, so keep it to 3 to 5 links. Add your most important pages, these could include pages that earn you the most revenue or pages you believe have the most potential to rank.

Update content with Google Search Console

As time goes on, you’ll notice people will outrank you. Your competitors will have written better pages that cause you to lose rankings or a big website has decided to compete with you.

You combat this by updating your old content and utilising Google Search Console is a fantastic way to do this.

Here’s how you do it:

From here you can see the keywords that page is getting clicks and impressions for. You can sprinkle these keywords into your content and create new sections. 

After you’ve done this you’ll see your rankings increase.

EPIC TIP: Place the keyword that gets lots of clicks or impressions into your meta title to get a bigger impact on rankings.

Add synonyms of your target keyword

Let’s say your target keyword is dog treats, you would find synonyms for both dogs and treats.

The synonyms for dog would be:

  • doggy 
  • pup 
  • puppy 
  • hound 
  • mutt 
  • Pooch

The synonyms for treat would be:

  • goody 
  • delight 
  • sweet 
  • feats 
  • refreshment

By inserting synonyms, you’re showing your content is relevant to your target keyword. You’re letting Google know exactly what the page is about.