You love your iPhone, right? We all do.

You can’t put it down and when you aren’t using it, we’re willing to bet that you’re always thinking about the next time you’ll get to pick it up and play around with all of the iPhone features.

Well, how would you like to take your phone-tinkering even further? If that sounds like a plan then we’ve got some tricks for you! These are four of our favorite little-known iPhone tricks that will help make your life easier.

1) The Calculator Trick

Have you ever had an itch that no matter how much scratching at it hurt, you just couldn’t keep yourself from doing it? Well, that’s the feeling you get when your iPhone calculator app repeatedly fails you.

We’ve got two words for you: scientific calculator. The trick is to download a scientific calculator app (like the free version of “Calc Pro”) and then, whenever you need to calculate something, just input all of your numbers into this other math app instead. Voila!

2) Get Rid of Unwanted Apps

We love our iPhone apps (so many cool ones; so little space!). But there’s something about them that always gets us feeling down in the dumps—they’re not exactly things we want cluttering our desktop at home or work.

Well, this is an easy fix. Just hold down the app you want to delete until it starts wiggling all over the place. Then, click on the little “X” that appears in the corner of your iPhone screen, and–poof!–the app disappears! That’s it.

3) Swipe Left for Emojis

No matter where you fall on the emoji spectrum, we’ve got some good news for you! Here’s how to find those fun little characters:

Firstly, if you’re a hardcore emoji user, start by going into your keyboard menu and then tap on “Emoji.” You’ll see that this will automatically change the font type on whatever you were already texting.

But what if you don’t know where to start? Just click on “ABC” in the lower-left corner of your iPhone screen—then, hold down one letter at a time until all of the emojis show up. When they do, just swipe left to find exactly the ones you’re looking for!

4) Avoid Accidentally Deleting Apps

We’ve all done it–hooked up our phone to our computer or synced with iTunes only to have things go haywire when we didn’t expect them to. Whether you’re trying to add a new song or delete an app, your iPhone automatically starts doing whatever it wants (and sometimes that’s not what you wanted at all).

Just hold down one finger on the center of your iPhone screen and click with another finger on whatever icon pops up. This should freeze your phone’s current state no matter what you’re trying to do and prevent any accidental deletions!

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Want to Learn More Cool iPhone Tricks?

We have a lot of other iPhone tips and tricks to share, so be sure to check out our blog for more! If you’re looking for a way to simplify your life and use less time on your phone, these tips will help. You can even set up an automated schedule without lifting a finger using Siri or Apple’s built-in calendar app.

Don’t forget to download the apps that make your day easier too! What are some iPhone tricks you like? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to visit our blog for some iPhone message tricks, iPhone texting tricks, and iPhone 12 tips and tricks.