The number one reason people choose to build a pool is to enhance the look of their property. The clear, blue water of a pool will boost curb appeal, as well as follow through on the goal of owning a home–a place to relax!

Are you ready to build a pool? Do you have a perfect spot in mind?

Pool design is often a tricky part of pool construction. That’s why we’re sharing with you some of the best pool ideas out there! Read on for some of our favorite pool concepts.

1. Infuse a Bit of Nature

Instead of having a plain and uniform pool, why not incorporate plants, rockeries, and artificial ponds for a natural touch? Adding large potted plants to the decking surrounding the pool will create a tropical resort atmosphere. To create the illusion of an outdoor setting, add natural stones and greenery to the poolscape.

Additionally, a manmade cascade with a few rocks can give a rustic feel. Artificial ponds filled with water plants and fish can also be a great way to add life and color to the poolscape.

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2. Opt for Comfort and Style

A great way to ensure both of these standards are met is to create an inviting, calming atmosphere. An aerial pool slide or stairway entry can add excitement while natural stone cladding creates a rustic, texture-rich atmosphere.

Each design element should be chosen to reflect the tastes of the homeowner, selecting details that not only look beautiful but also provide a sense of comfort.

3. Create a Peaceful Oasis

Consider utilizing elements of landscaping to enhance the peace and tranquility of the area. Trailing vines, peeping palms, and a plethora of vibrant blooms can bring a luxe feel to any poolside setting. Also, think about the complimentary placement of outdoor furniture and subtle additions to create an inviting sanctuary.

Incorporate water features like a fountain or fountain wall that add an even greater sense of calm and add a touch of elegance. Natural stone tiling and elements of wood furniture complete the look and provide you with the perfect spot for those carefree dream days.

4. Utilize Colors and Shapes

Utilizing bright, bold colors can be a great way to enliven any outdoor space and add a focal point to the pool. Consider using tiles in sizes, shadings, and designs related to the overall outdoor design scheme for a cohesive look.

Adding modern patterns such as herringbone, chevron, or honeycomb can be a fun way to add an artistic element to the pool.

Innovative Pool Design Ideas to Boost Your Outdoor Space

Overall, pool design can be a fun and creative task and it’s easy to tailor your concept to best suit your lifestyle. Whether you value luxury, are looking for something simple, or have kids to keep occupied, there are endless design ideas for you to explore.

Find the perfect design for your backyard and be sure to enjoy the process. Get started now and make it a reality.

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